Sturgeon’s Adviser Admits Mistake in Pushing for Zero Covid Strategy

The Misstep in Pushing for a 'Zero Covid' Strategy

In a surprising turn of events, a prominent public health scientist, Prof Devi Sridhar, who provided counsel to former Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, has confessed to making a substantial mistake in advocating for a ‘zero Covid’ approach.

A Change of Heart

Prof Sridhar was a strong proponent of the ‘zero Covid’ strategy, a contentious viewpoint suggesting that it was feasible to eradicate the virus by implementing stringent measures, such as imposing quarantine mandates for individuals crossing the Scottish border. She actively communicated her support for this approach to Sturgeon, even presenting a plan for the elimination of the virus in a message sent via Twitter in June 2020. Subsequently, Sturgeon endorsed elimination as the sole rational strategy to combat the virus. However, the tide swiftly turned as Prof Sridhar now regrets her use of the term ‘zero Covid,’ conceding that it was a misstep. She expressed that her initial intention was to curtail infections in Scotland until the vaccine rollout, emphasizing that ‘maximum suppression’ would have been a more appropriate term.

Consequence of the Error

This admission is expected to instigate further controversy in light of the previous revelation that Sturgeon instructed Prof Sridhar not to be concerned about protocol. Moreover, the inquiry discovered that the Scottish Government’s steadfast refusal to acknowledge that Covid was a lingering threat led to a delayed relaxation of social restrictions compared to England. This delay was attributed to an inclination to project caution, resulting in the perception that zero Covid was a feasible goal, despite being incongruent with the available evidence. Additionally, Scotland’s daily Covid cases surged from fewer than five to approximately 8,000 within 17 months, culminating in the decision to lift a significant portion of Covid restrictions in the nation.
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Revised Perspective

Prof Sridhar, in attempt to justify her initial stance, likened the ‘zero Covid’ strategy to aspirational public health campaigns targeting diseases such as malaria or tuberculosis, emphasizing a rejection of disease spread. However, her statement has been met with skepticism from other experts who accused her of rewriting history, referencing her previous explicit support for the zero Covid concept and its achievability.

Reflection and Accountability

Prof Sridhar’s acknowledgement of her misjudgment is a pivotal development in recognizing the challenges associated with prescribing an ambitious strategy without substantial empirical support. It underlines the importance of critically reassessing and reevaluating public health approaches, acknowledging what is achievable based on the available evidence. In conclusion, the acknowledgment of the erroneous advocacy for a ‘zero Covid’ strategy by Prof Sridhar highlights the necessity for evidence-based decision-making in public health policy. It serves as a cautionary tale, emphasizing the repercussions of advocating for strategies that are not aligned with the prevailing evidence and the potential ramifications of such missteps on public health responses.


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