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#Kolkata: Not college or university students, school students will get respect if they move from one class to the next class. The school education department of the state is introducing this modern system. “Graduation ceremony” will be celebrated in the school for the students who have passed from one class to the next class. According to the sources, the State School Education Department has sent detailed guidelines to the Primary Education Board and the Middle Education Board with 13-point guidelines. This special honor will be given to every school across the state on January 2nd every year. According to sources, the Board of Primary Education and Board of Secondary Education will send these guidelines to primary and secondary schools across the state once schools open after the Kalipuja holidays.

It is said in the guidelines sent by the school education department

১) This “graduation ceremony” should be done on or after 2nd January every year.

২) All the students who progress from one class to the next class will be honored by the school principal in the first week of January.

৩) class teacher He will welcome the students in his class with chocolate sweets.

৪) The class teacher will formally welcome all the students together.

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৫) All new students will introduce themselves to the class teacher.

৬) The school headmaster or acting headmaster or class teacher will tell the history of the school to the new students and inform them about the facilities provided by the state government such as books, school uniforms, shoes, schoolbags, health services, mid day meal services to the students of the school.

৭)Every school will have a dedicated photo corner where all students have to put their photo with date of birth.

৮) Students should take a photo with the class teacher every year and put it in the photo corner.

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৯) A thank you letter signed by the Headmaster should be given to every student.

১০)Nomination of Class Monitor, Cultural Monitor, Sports Monitor, Mid Day Meal Monitor should be done within this period.

১১) Students joining for group learning must be done within this time frame.

১২) Students should arrange classrooms in such a way that is best for reading.

১৩) The entire event or felicitation should be made in documentary form and published in booklet form by the schools every year.

A total of 13 points of guidelines have already been given by the State School Education Department to the Primary Education Board and the Board of Secondary Education. Basically in the field of higher education, this type of “graduation ceremony” is common in various private or public educational institutions. Although such practice is common in schools abroad. Now the state school education department wants to bring that system to the state schools. Officials in the school education department explained that as a result of this, the enthusiasm among the students will increase in the new class. Officials of the department also believe that this will have an impact in reducing drop outs. A section of academicians welcomed the whole issue.

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