Strikes at the SNCF: bus, carpooling, planes… we take stock of the alternatives to the TGV in the event of a canceled train

The SNCF strike for which notice has been given for the weekend of December 24 will affect up to 2 out of 3 TGVs. For this Christmas weekend, what solutions do you have left to reach your loved ones in the event of cancellation of train ?

Bus, carpooling, planes… in case cancellation of his train, how to travel without a car? The strike this weekend could reach up to 200,000 travelershere are the alternatives they could count on.

The most economical: carpooling

Blablacar told the Independent that he encouraged drivers to be lenient and not raise their prices too high for the travelers they would be carrying at Christmas. He launches “a call for solidarity” to “allow everyone to travel”.

The Blablacar goal being that people “who have planned to travel this weekend share their free places carpool”.

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For a Montpellier-Paris, count 100 euros for the trip, same thing from Marseille. Traveling to the capital from Lyon will cost 50 euros and 35 euros from Lille. Think of to watch the site regularly, the announcements being posted by individuals, they do not respond to timetables and will be published throughout the day.

The most accessible: the bus

The Blablacar bus network has announced that it will increase its 50% capacity throughout the strike. In the region, journeys between Toulouse and Perpignan towards Paris will be doubled. Thus, on December 23, the buses connecting Paris, Strasbourg and Colmar, Paris, Lyon and Grenoble, Paris, Toulouse and Perpignan, Paris and Nantes and finally Paris and Rennes, are twice as numerous.

While bus journeys remain cheaper than most alternatives, as Christmas approaches, prices are inflating. Count 150 euros for a Perpignan-Paris, 139 euros for a Montpellier-Paris, 99 euros for a Lyon-Paris and 40 euros for a Paris-Lille.

The company recalls that “300,000 seats are currently offered for carpooling on BlaBlaCar this weekend”, in the face of a movement that is expected to disrupt the journey of 200,000 people. The group said it was flexible about a possible evolution of its capacities in the event of new changes announced within the railway company.

The fastest: the plane

Although this is the fastest way to travel, these relatively short flights are not recommended for reasons economical and ecological. To travel today to the capital, count 228 euros from Montpellier, 159 euros from Marseille, 170 euros from Lyon, 129 euros from Toulouse and 171 euros from Rennes, all without checked baggage. These journeys will only take one to two hours, with no stops.

The SNCF should keep its travelers informed throughout the weekend in the event of cancellation of their trip. It will be offered to you via a formto exchange or obtain a 200% refund for your tickets. Remember to check that there are no places left on other routes before issuing a refund.

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