Storm leaves 5-year-old child dead in Espírito Santo – 12/22/2022 – Daily life

A five-year-old child died after a landslide hit the house where he lived with his family in Ibitirama, in the Holy Spirit, on Wednesday night (21). This is the first death caused by the rains that hit the state for almost a month, according to the Civil Defense.

Firefighters were called to the occurrence of landslides “due to mass movement” in the town of Santa Marta, according to a note from the Civil Defense.

Currently, there are 1,245 displaced people and 412 homeless people in Espírito Santo. The largest number of displaced people is in the city of São Mateus, with 838 people. The church of San Daniel Comboni is being used as a shelter for the victims.

Three meteorological warnings were issued for the state. Two of them, from Inmet (National Institute of Meteorology), point to potential rain risks for the north of the state and another for the entire state, valid until 10:30 am this Friday (23).

Incaper (Capixaba Institute for Research, Technical Assistance and Rural Extension) issued an alert for “occurrences of significant accumulations of rain throughout the state”, valid until Sunday (25).

From the analysis of the site, it was verified that there was a displacement of mass, resulting from the cutting of the slope, which caused the collapse of an entire house, where a couple and their five-year-old daughter lived.

“The three were rescued by people before the arrival of the teams, however, the child died in the emergency room. Three other residences were at risk, with six residents removed and the properties isolated”, says an excerpt.

In a video released by the Civil Defense of Ibitirama, it is possible to see that the buried house was badly damaged. Even a car was among the rubble.

On its Twitter profile, the National Civil Defense stated that the risk of landslides in Espírito Santo is high. In the Southeast region, there is also a high risk of flooding in Minas Gerais, Espírito Santo and Rio de Janeiro.

On Monday (19) a crater appeared on the BR-101 highway, in São Mateus (ES), interdicting traffic🇧🇷 The road has not yet been cleared. On the same road there is still erosion at km 171.3, near Aracruz. At the site, traffic is flowing through a 300 m detour on the side of the highway lane. At km 249, in Serra, there is a partial ban due to erosion on the shoulder.

Among the state highways there are 11 roads with problems due to the rains.

In a bulletin from 11 am this Thursday (22), the Civil Defense of Espírito Santo listed the cities that had the highest rainfall accumulation in the last 24 hours, in millimeters. Marilândia (98); Bananal River (75.2); Colatina (59.3) and Baixo Guandu (51.6) had accumulation above 50mm, considered heavy rain.

Crater appears on a highway in Maranhão

A crater appeared on a highway this Thursday (22) in Balsas, south of Maranhaoas a result of the heavy rains that hit the state.

The affected road was BR-230 at km 392. The flow of vehicles was impeded on both sides of the road, given the size of the hole opened by erosion. According to the PRF (Federal Highway Police) there is no forecast for traffic to return to normal.

Since the beginning of the month, due to the rains, there are partial or total closures on roads throughout Brazil.

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