Star NFL Player Von Miller Denies Assault Allegations as “100% False” in First Public Statement Since Arrest

In a recent public statement, Buffalo Bills linebacker Van Molenaar, known as Von Miller, vehemently denied the allegations of assaulting his pregnant girlfriend. The 34-year-old NFL star addressed the media, asserting that the accusations were “completely wrong and out of proportion.” This came after he turned himself in to the police on suspicion of domestic violence, following an alleged incident at their home in Dallas. Miller refuted the claims, expressing his dismay at being associated with such serious allegations.

Addressing the Allegations

During the press conference, Miller openly dismissed the accusations, emphasizing that the reported assault was a fabrication and an exaggeration. He laughed off the question posed regarding the parts of the police statement that he deemed as false, stating that everything was untrue. He clarified that the only accurate detail in the police report was his girlfriend’s pregnancy with their third child. Moreover, he mentioned that the woman had affirmed the incident as a “big misunderstanding,” and they were still together despite the turmoil.

Struggles and Recovery

Following his return to the team, Miller expressed his desire to dispel the cloud of controversy surrounding him, highlighting the difficulties he was facing both on and off the field. He acknowledged that it had been a challenging time, especially with his ongoing recovery from a previous knee surgery. Despite the setbacks, he remained resolute and committed to contributing to the team’s performance.

Team Support and Legal Proceedings

Despite facing the felony charge, the Bills’ general manager, Brandon Beane, reassured that Miller would not miss any playing time and reaffirmed the team’s support. Additionally, the Bills indicated their intention to follow the legal proceedings pertaining to the allegations, aligning with the NFL’s protocols.
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Moving Forward

With the NFL regular season still ongoing, the Bills are determined to maintain their momentum as they push for a playoff spot. Miller’s presence and performance on the field are pivotal as the team aims to enhance its record and secure a favorable position in the playoffs.


The controversy surrounding Von Miller’s assault allegations has sparked significant attention and raised profound questions about the veracity of the accusations. As the legal process unfolds and the NFL franchise continues its pursuit of postseason success, Miller’s public denial stands as a pivotal development in the ongoing saga. This whole article is based on information provided by


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