Stafford’s kids don ‘Detroit Born LA Raised’ jackets in emotional return to Motor City for playoff matchup with Lions

Los Angeles Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford made an emotional return to the Motor City for a playoff game against his former team, the Detroit Lions. This article discusses the emotional aspects of his return and the reactions surrounding the event.

Family Support

Accompanying Matthew Stafford to the game were his wife Kelly and their children, who were seen sporting ‘Detroit Born LA Raised’ jackets as they entered the stadium. The twin Stafford girls, Sawyer and Chandler, wore jackets adorned with the Dodgers’ ‘LA’ logo, signifying their Detroit roots and their family’s current ties to Los Angeles.

Intriguing Trade Dynamics

Stafford had spent 12 years in Detroit after being selected by the Lions with the No. 1 overall pick in the 2009 NFL Draft. He was eventually traded to the LA Rams, with current Lions starting QB Jared Goff moving in the opposite direction. This trade added a level of intrigue to the playoff contest, given the history between the two quarterbacks and their respective teams.

Emotional Reception

Upon his return, Stafford received a mixed reception. While he is still loved in Detroit for his time with the Lions, he also faced a stadium full of boos as he ran out onto the field and during the Rams’ first offensive drive. Stafford had anticipated this mixed reception, acknowledging the significance of Detroit in shaping his career while also understanding the dynamics of returning to face his former team as an opponent.

Supportive Words

Both Matthew and Kelly Stafford shared their perspectives ahead of the emotional return. Kelly addressed an alleged jersey ban created by fans, emphasizing their positive feelings towards the city of Detroit and expressing hope for an incredible game with no injuries. This highlighted the Staffords’ emotional connection to the city despite the competitive nature of the game.
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Family Journey

The emotional aspect of Stafford’s return is further emphasized by Kelly’s public battle with a brain tumor in 2019, which she successfully overcame after a 30-hour surgery and a challenging recovery period. The couple’s journey, from their time at the University of Georgia to Matthew’s NFL career and their family life, adds depth to the emotional narrative of their return to Detroit.


As Matthew Stafford and his family experienced an emotional return to Detroit for the playoff matchup, their journey and connections with both cities were evident. The mix of emotions, from family support to the dynamics of facing a former team, made this return a significant and personal moment for the Staffords. Despite the competitive nature of the game, the emotional aspects surrounding their return added a human touch to the professional sports narrative.


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