SRX Racing Series, Co-Founded by Tony Stewart and Ray Evernham, Delays Fourth Season Kickoff

**SRX Racing Series Delays Fourth Season Kickoff**

The Superstar Racing Experience (SRX) has announced the postponement of its fourth season, leaving fans and partners disappointed due to “market factors.” Co-founded by Tony Stewart, a renowned three-time NASCAR Cup Series champion, and former Cup Series crew chief Ray Evernham, this short-track series has been a thrilling spectacle since its inception in 2021. However, the recent development has led to the suspension of the upcoming season, impacting not only the fans and drivers but also the strategic aspects of the racing industry.

**An Unforeseen Postponement**

The announcement made by SRX on Thursday highlighted the unfortunate delay of the fourth season, citing market factors as the primary reason behind the decision. The statement expressed deep disappointment and acknowledged the anticipation and excitement for the season but emphasized that market conditions have posed insurmountable challenges. This turn of events has necessitated the postponement, signaling that time constraints have hindered the delivery of compelling events for the fans, partners, drivers, and tracks that they deserve.

**Strategic Exploration for Long-Term Potential**

Acknowledging the ever-evolving nature of the racing industry, SRX has assured that they are actively exploring strategic options for the series’ long-term potential. This proactive approach showcases the commitment to addressing the market dynamics that have led to the postponement. By providing partners with the necessary time and flexibility to align with their interests, SRX aims to uphold its collaborative relationships while navigating through this challenging phase.

**The Journey and Accomplishments**

The SRX series has featured a notable lineup comprising predominantly retired former Cup Series and IndyCar drivers. With seasoned competitors such as Tony Stewart, Bobby Labonte, Marco Andretti, Paul Tracy, Helio Castroneves, Michael Waltrip, Tony Kanaan, and Ryan Newman, the races have been nothing short of exhilarating. Furthermore, the series witnessed Stewart clinching the championship in the inaugural season, followed by Andretti and Newman securing titles in 2022 and 2023, respectively.

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**Uncertainty and Transitions**

Amidst the postponement of the fourth season, there lingers uncertainty about the potential return of Tony Stewart, particularly due to his active participation in the NHRA Top Fuel division. The NASCAR Hall of Famer’s dedication to competing full-time, driving for his wife, Leah Pruett, reflects a personal transition as the couple looks forward to starting a family. This transition underscores the multifaceted nature of the drivers’ personal and professional pursuits that extend beyond the racing track.

**Evolution of the Series**

Throughout its journey, SRX has orchestrated three captivating six-race seasons during the summer, enthralling fans with the adrenaline-fueled action at short tracks across the United States. The series’ transition from being televised on Saturday nights on CBS to Thursday nights on ESPN in 2023 reflects its adaptability and commitment to reaching a broader audience. This strategic shift has enabled the series to engage with fans on a new platform while embracing the evolving landscape of sports broadcasting.


The postponement of SRX’s fourth season serves as a testament to the dynamic nature of the racing industry, where market factors can introduce unforeseen challenges. However, SRX’s proactive approach to exploring strategic options for the long-term potential underscores its resilience. As the series navigates through this phase, the enduring spirit of collaboration, anticipation, and unwavering support from fans, partners, drivers, and tracks will continue to fuel SRX’s journey in the racing world.


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