Special shops opened in schools, initiative to sow seeds of honesty in students from childhood

#Ernakulam: Honesty is the ultimate religion! This is what we are taught from childhood. But how many people follow that education? As a result, there is a great lack of honesty in today’s world. But if the foundation is laid from childhood, then it is possible to maintain that education throughout life. Seven schools in Kerala’s Ernakulam have taken innovative initiatives to inculcate this value in boys and girls from an early age. Among these schools are – GBHSS Perambavur, GHSS Chowara, GHS Poika, St. John’s Barakara, SGHSS Vennikulam, GHSS Kuttamazari, HS Ramamangalam.

what kind Honesty shops have been opened in those schools. It is mainly done under the supervision of Student Police Cadets or SPCs under the initiative of Kerala Police. These stores will have a variety of stationery items. But interestingly, there will be no shopkeepers or shopkeepers in these shops to collect money from the customers. Even when the school students shop there, there is no system to monitor them. In fact, its main goal is to instill the seed of honesty in children from the very beginning. And this idea has all come from the head of SPC state nodal officer and IPS officer P Vijayan.

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This honesty shop was opened in Ramamangalam High School on October 6. It was held as part of the week-long Gandhi Jayanti celebrations. Anub John, Community Police Officer of that school said so. He also said that the main objective of this initiative is to create the values ​​of walking in the righteous path among the students. In fact, such an idea dates back to ancient times. But as time progressed, these values ​​gradually eroded among people. And people do not trust each other’s honesty. So like any other initiative these values ​​should be inculcated in children while they are still young.

Anub also said that a house in Ramamangalam school was chosen to run this shop. And there were mostly stationery items. The shop was run by SPC cadets from the school. Not only that, from opening the shop to arranging everything there – they have handled everything. So that it is convenient for students to shop, that aspect was also kept in mind. And the children had to leave the price of the goods in a box before leaving the shop after shopping. Even more interestingly, there are no CCTV cameras installed.

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At the end of the day, the money in that box was counted in the evening. After that, the money was accounted for in the register and the entire amount was deposited with the teacher-in-charge. Anub also said that honesty shops were supposed to be opened in the entire state. As a result, this project has yet to be launched on a large scale. Some foreign countries also have such stores. Not only that, the school also trained cadets in running such shops. Apart from this they also had to attend some workshops. They are also taught the importance of honesty and the concept of an honest shop. And the biggest thing is that these shops opened in schools are doing very well.

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