SP Chamber approves extension of Pinheiros waterfront – 12/21/2022 – Daily life

A Sao Paulo City Hall approved this Tuesday (20), in the second and final vote, a bill that modifies the zoning of the capital of São Paulo and allows the extension of the Marginal Pinheiros in eight kilometers. The text, which now goes to the mayor’s sanction Ricardo Nunes (MDB), received 44 votes in favor and six against.

The area that should undergo interventions is between the João Dias road complex and the Vitorino Goulart da Silva bridge, on the edge of the Jurubatuba river, and passes through the Interlagos neighborhood, in the south zone of the capital.

The text says that the construction of a new section of the waterfront must be close to public transport lines, such as train, subway, monorail and VLT (light vehicle on rails). The region is currently serviced by line 9-emerald from CPTM (Companhia Paulista de Trens Metropolitanos).

The areas remaining from the construction of the waterfront extension must now be classified as ZEM (Metropolitan Structuring Axis Zone), where high population density is allowed and, therefore, the construction of taller buildings. These rules, which aim to attract investment from construction companies, are now applied around the Tietê and Pinheiros marginal roads, but not in the region of the future stretch.

The second round vote took place four days after the councilors approved the proposal in plenary for the first time. The rules that allow the extension of the waterfront, however, were later included in the bill, which until then only dealt with the extension of the term to regularize industrial properties.

According to the approved text, industries installed in the city of São Paulo until July 31, 2014, the date of the last revision of the Master Plan, will have until the end of next year to regularize the property. This proposal was authored by councilor Paulo Frange (PTB), and the extension of the Pinheiros waterfront was included in the project at the request of the government leadership in the City Council.


The new stretch of the Pinheiros waterfront will pass through areas that today are Zepam (Special Environmental Protection Zone), that is, which are intended for the preservation and protection of green areas.

According to a technical report by Siurb (Municipal Department of Urban Infrastructure and Works), the work will impact 6.75 hectares of Zepam. The calculation by the Municipal Secretariat for Green and the Environment is that this represents approximately 5% of the total area that is destined for environmental preservation.

“The management of arboreal vegetation will not be very expressive, considering that there is a predominance of undergrowth or individuals [árvores] 285 trees would be cut down with the work. The report states that the area is not well preserved, “with the exception of the permeability aspect”.

Tree distribution is sparse and there are no river sources at the site, the report says. “It is important to point out that the area is already anthropized with the existence of three electric energy transmission lines in the place and Petrobras pipeline networks with variable diameters throughout the implantation”, says the document.

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