smart’s new electric car doesn’t look like you’d imagine

The smart #1 is the brand new electric car from smart. New philosophy, new dimensions and unprecedented performance: it’s simple, it is very far from what you can imagine from an electric smart.

The rounded front of the smart #1. *The smart disclaimer applies.

The iconic smart known as the very small two-seater city car is now history. Make way for the new generation with the smart #1 (pronounced hashtag one) which opens a new era for the brand. While the little Fortwo that we all know was confined to city centers, now the smart is growing and growing to extend its range of action to weekends and trips.

In the form of a very compact SUV (4.27 m long), it remains at ease in town, but offers an astonishing useful volume and a height that will comfortably accommodate 4 or 5 passengers and their luggage. Particularly powerful, with an ever-remarkable design, it remains faithful to the original spirit while instilling a very contemporary interpretation.

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The smart #1 is already available for pre-order on the smart site, and will be available from the second quarter of 2023. To pre-order it, it’s simple, just subscribe to a voucher of 500 euros (fully refundable), which will allow you to be among the first to be able to place an order and receive his car on D-Day.

A still remarkable design

Since their launch in 1998, the smart have always displayed a real personality. A tradition respected here with the smart #1, but in a brand new, very contemporary style, to seduce a new audience of lovers of beautiful objects.

LED strip and contrasting roof contribute to the identity of the smart #1. *The smart disclaimer applies.

Thus the design of the smart #1 is all in curves, with details inspired by the world of SUVs, but reinterpreted in the manner of the brand. The floating panoramic roof in contrasting colours, the doors without frames or the strips of LEDs running over the entire width of the car are all original features. No aggressive line disturbs this soft and friendly set. Not even the flush door handles, which unfold once the key is recognized in the pocket, as you approach the car.

With the Future Green color and black roof, the smart #1 softens its lines even further. *The smart disclaimer applies.

Inside, the design is fully consistent with the exterior. Starting with the dashboard, all rounded, extended by a surprising floating center console full of practical storage, including an induction charging surface (to put down and charge your smartphone) and a location for a charging badge.

Comfortable and… (necessarily) smart

The interior lighting atmosphere is customizable with 64 colors and 20 intensity levels. Two screens are present: the first is dedicated to the instrumentation and the second, with a surface area of ​​12.8 inches, to the infotainment. It embeds configurable widgets as well as Fox, the fox-shaped voice assistant. From the Premium finish, a head-up display completes the picture.

The long console physically separates the front passengers. In the center is the infotainment screen with Fox, the personal assistant. *smart legal notices apply

The smart #1 plays like a real small family car with its sliding rear bench seat which allows you to modulate the interior space according to your needs. It then makes it possible to favor the trunk (313 to 411 liters of volume depending on the version) or the very generous space left to the rear passengers. Under the front bonnet, the “frunk” – the front trunk – easily accommodates a charging cable.

In the back, there is plenty of space, even for the tallest. *The smart disclaimer applies.

smart naturally thought of remote control of its brand new car from its smartphone. Via the Hello smart app, it is possible to follow in real time the autonomy, the state of the battery, the location of the car and the tire pressure. This app available on Android and iOS can also unlock and start the vehicle, and it can be shared to give virtual keys to friends. The app also allows you to trigger the preconditioning of the passenger compartment and the programming of recharging sequences.

A serious technical sheet

Rustic, smart #1? Certainly not. This new fully electric model benefits from all the joint experience of Mercedes and Geely. The smart #1 is based on a brand new technical platform called SAE for Sustainable Experience Architecture. Enough to offer it an excellent level of comfort and soundproofing worthy of a premium road car more than a rough city car!

The Brabus version, the sportiest version of the smart #1, can be recognized in particular by its openings in the bonnet. *smart legal notices apply

Driving pleasure is at the heart of its design. It is generously endowed with… 272 horsepower from the first version, as well as 343 Nm of torque distributed to the rear wheels alone. At the wheel, the sensations are at the rendezvous with very lively accelerations, going from 0 to 100 km/h in 6.7 s and excellent maneuverability in town.

The most athletic will go directly to choose la version Brabus which receives a second engine, going to all-wheel drive with 428 hp and 3.9 s from 0 to 100 km/h. A very fast and particularly efficient model on slippery terrain.

To ensure long distances without stress, a sturdy battery is on the program, with a capacity of 66 kWh (gross): result, it allows up to 440 km of WLTP autonomy. Motorway breaks will be quick, just 30 minutes using the included 150kW DC fast charge. The 22 kW on-board charger (available from the Premium version) allows it to go from 10 to 80% in less than 3 hours.

Among the driving aids, the essential adaptive cruise control. *The smart disclaimer applies.

Finally, in terms of driving aids, the smart #1 adopts state-of-the-art elements, with semi-autonomous driving to facilitate long motorway journeys. In town, the 360° cameras with a virtual view of the car will help with zen maneuvers.

The good surprise: all-inclusive rates

The smart #1 is proposed for its launch in 4 different versions. It starts at 39,990 euros in the Pro+ version (from which the 6,000 euros of ecological bonus 2022 must be removed), already particularly well equipped. Audiences looking for comfort will find what they are looking for with, as standard, a panoramic roof, a 360° camera system, 19-inch rims, electrically adjustable heated seats, a sliding rear bench seat, an electric tailgate, as well as a semi-autonomous driving with stop & go.

For 43,490 euros, the Premium version adds a heat pump, a more powerful on-board charger (22 kW), leather upholstery and a Beats sound system. As for the very exclusive Launch Edition (44,790 euros), limited to 1,000 units across Europe, it is distinguished by its Intense White upholstery, its panoramic roof with a checkered flag pattern and its unique combination of colors.

The panoramic roof of the smart #1 comes as standard. *The smart disclaimer applies.

Finally, the sporty Brabus version caps the range (47,490 euros), with its two engines and its very generous power.

Smart made the (laudable) choice not to offer any options. But as tastes and colors are not discussed, 48 color combinations are offered when ordering. They allow you to play with the contrasting roof and the matte paintwork as an extra. Enough to personalize the model of your dreams, different from the other smart #1 that we will not fail to come across in our streets and on our roads from next spring.

About smart #1:

  • Electric autonomy (mixed cycle/urban WLTP – in km): 400/514 (BRABUS), 440/597 (Premium), 420/566 (Pro+)
  • Electric consumption (WLTP combined cycle – in kWh/100 km): 17.9 BRABUS, 16.7 (Premium), 17.0 (Pro+)
  • CO2 emissions: 0g/km. Actual electric range depends on vehicle configuration, driver’s driving style, traffic conditions, weather conditions, battery age and condition, use of air conditioning or heating system, etc. and therefore may vary. The electric range was measured according to the WLTP standard.
  • For short journeys, opt for walking or cycling.
  • Consider carpooling. On a daily basis, take public transport. #MoveLessPollute
  • Actual electric range depends on vehicle configuration, driver’s driving style, traffic conditions, weather conditions, battery age and condition, use of air conditioning or heating system, etc. and therefore may vary. The electric range was measured according to the WLTP standard.

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