six accessories to travel with peace of mind

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A travel pillow for seated sleeping

Difficult to doze off when traveling by bus, train, plane, or even by car. A travel pillow helps a lot by keeping the head upright, preventing it from leaning to the side or dipping forward. This model is comfortable and its rear part is particularly well thought out. Flattened, it allows the neck to rest against the headrest without being bothered.

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A hiking hat against sunburn

We know the damage of the sun on the skin, and in particular on the neck, which ordinary hats do not protect well. For hiking or for an excursion at sea, this hat will offer you effective protection against UV rays, including the neck, while remaining comfortable and breathable. Also, it is a solid model.

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A gourd to drink fresh

It is a real pleasure when traveling by car. This water bottle, once filled with a cold drink, keeps its temperature very cool throughout the day thanks to its double insulating wall. You can even slip in a few ice cubes to lower the temperature by a few degrees. Its tightness is impeccable, its robust design, its practical opening: it is an excellent choice. This water bottle won our previous comparison of the best water bottles, and we continue to recommend it for the car because, with its rather modest width of 7.2 centimeters, it fits in the cup holders of certain vehicles.

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Earplugs for silence

Earplugs are a proven solution to block transport noise, snoring … or parties that are a little too late in the next room. Foam models are more effective than conventional earplugs. We tested 17 different pairs of earplugs with an electronic human ear simulator. Our measurements placed the Mack brand on the top step of the podium for most ears. If yours are particularly large, a model of the 3M brand is more indicated, as we explain in our complete guide.

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A solar charger to venture far from the sockets

When you venture far from electrical outlets, a solar charger can fill the battery of your phone, tablet and camera. After more than 60 hours of testing, we are convinced that the BigBlue 28W USB is the best model: it is the most powerful, the most versatile, and the most robust of the 12 models we tested.

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An instant camera to capture memories

Instant cameras capture silver photos in nostalgic colors, which appear in minutes, as if by magic, on a small print. The photos of the Instax Mini 11, in credit card format, can slip into all wallets: it is the perfect device to keep a physical image of your loved ones on you.

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