Sindh High Court Orders Sindh Finance Department To Submit Funds Details Released For Dadu

The Sindh High Court, here, on Friday, ordered the finance department of Sindh to submit details of the funds released for Dadu district since June, 2022

HYDERABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News – 23rd Dec, 2022 ) :The Sindh High Courthere, on Friday, ordered the finance department of Sindh to submit details of the funds released for Dice district since June2022.

The bench of Justice Muhamamd Iqbal Kalhoro and Justice Adnan-ul-Karim Memon gave directions in a petition concerning poor infrastructure and a lack of sanitation in Dice after the monsoon rains and flood.

The court observed that in its previous order in the same petition, which was filed by advocate Mumtaz Ahmed Lashari, had not been implemented.

At the hearingthe civil judge and judicial magistrate I of Dice submitted a report pointing out the city’s infrastructure, drainage, traffic management, and other problems.

“The report appears to be a sufficient charge sheet to initiate proceedings against the district of Dice,” the bench noted.

The civil judge in his report outlined that the drainage line of the city’s main road from SSP Chowk to Shahjahan Park was found blocked during his visit.

According to him, the sewage was overflowing on the road and creating problems for the commuters and traffic.

He informed the SHC that a 24-inch diameter drainage line was built in Dice town, back in the 1960s, and since then it had not been upgraded.

He told that the existing capacity of the system was far below the required capacity, and at several places solid waste had piled up over the drain.

The civil judge quoting the municipal administrator informed the SHC that the drainage line was designed for a population of around 20,000 around 6 decades ago, while the city’s population had increased to over 200,000 people, currently.

The officials informed the judge that there were a total of 11 drainage sub-networks in the town but none of them was connected with the storm drain in the city’s hubMundhar Naka Chowk.

He also said that the administrator informed him, during the visitthat the drain could be connected to the drainage network by laying up to a 200 feet to 300 feet pipeline.

The officials also cited load shedding as another major obstacle in smooth functioning of the drainage system, he added.

During his visitthe judge stated that he had found the manholes uncovered.

The judge also apprised the SHC bench that encroachment like pushcarts and cabins also existed on the city’s main roads.

He said the drainage lines in the neighbourhoods were smaller in capacity due to which sewage overflowed on the streets while most of the unplanned settlements lacked the drainage system.

The judge also brought in the knowledge of the bench about his visits to Pir Muhammad Murad and Lal Hindi graveyards, findings that boundary walls on most parts of the graveyards did not exist.

He stated that Mukhtiarkar Dice taluka was directed to show maps of two graveyards but he had no record.

The SHC ordered Mukhtiarkar to provide a complete map of the graveyards to the civil judge.

The bench once again ordered the construction of the graveyards’ boundary walls, noting that previous orders over the same matter had not complied.

The SHC directed the civil judge to monitor the construction of the schemes which were being initiated on the court‘s order, and to submit a fortnightly report in the SHC as well.

At the end of proceedings, the hearing was adjourned till January 19, 2023.

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