Shockingly High Off-Peak Electricity Rates Leave EDF Customers Worried About Cold Winter Ahead

The recent surge in off-peak electricity rates by EDF has left many customers on its Economy 7 tariff in a state of concern, particularly as they look ahead to the approaching winter months. The staggering 91% increase in the night-time rate has significantly amplified worries about heating homes and managing energy bills.

Rising Energy Bills Across Great Britain

Amidst a general rise in energy bills across Great Britain, EDF’s decision to nearly double the price of off-peak electricity has exacerbated the financial burden on households. On 1 January, most households witnessed an average 5% increase in their energy bills following the price cap adjustment by the regulator Ofgem. However, EDF’s disproportionate surge in the E7 night-time rate has further strained the affordability of energy for many consumers.

Impact on Economy 7 Users

Traditionally, Economy 7 users, often residing in purpose-built flats or older-style housing without gas connections and with lower incomes, relied on the cheaper off-peak electricity for their storage or water heaters. The substantial hike in off-peak rates has disrupted this cost-saving benefit, posing a significant challenge for these households.

Customer Concerns and Struggles

Customers, such as Tim Burton from rural Norfolk, expressed dismay over EDF’s astronomical increase, citing the surge from 8.5p to 16.6p per kilowatt hour (kWh) as a substantial blow to their household budgets. Additionally, the reduction in the E7 day rate to an average of 35.8p/kWh failed to offset the financial impact of the heightened night-time rates, leading to a substantial increase in overall electricity costs for households.

Individual Testimonies Highlighting Financial Strain

Individual testimonies further underscore the stark reality of the situation, with Matthew Brown from St Albans highlighting the potential doubling of his bill during the winter months due to the reliance on Economy 7 and storage heaters for night-time energy utilization. These personal accounts shed light on the multifaceted challenges faced by consumers affected by the surge in off-peak electricity rates.
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Evaluating the Larger Ramifications

The reverberations of EDF’s rate hike extend beyond individual households, affecting those who recently switched to EDF after investing in home batteries to capitalize on the economical night-time rates. The impact on electric car owners, who still benefit from significantly lower night-time rates, has also sparked questions regarding the fairness and consistency of the tariff adjustments.

EDF's Justification and Response

In response to the mounting concerns, EDF attributed the rate adjustments to reflecting supply costs and emphasized that the updated prices conform to Ofgem’s price cap regulations. Furthermore, the spokesperson acknowledged the challenging energy landscape and reiterated the company’s commitment to striving for competitive prices amid the ongoing energy crisis.


The steep escalation in EDF’s off-peak electricity rates has significantly disrupted the financial equilibrium for Economy 7 users, compelling households to grapple with increased energy expenses during an already challenging period. As customers navigate the implications of this unprecedented rate surge, the broader discourse on energy affordability and consumer protection warrants closer attention and consideration.


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