Sánchez, Feijóo or Hitler?

The news of the day is a photo: that of Volodimir Zelensky at the gates of the White House. Joe Biden, who is very old, puts his hand on his shoulder and looks like a grandfather saying goodbye to a grandson who is going camping. Then they sat in the Oval Office and, with the fireplace going, the President of the United States accused Vladimir Putin of “using winter as a weapon”. Zelensky then spoke before Congress and the Senate.

I begin with the details given by the chronicle of abc on the ukrainian leader’s trip: after visiting his troops at the front, he took a train and went as far as the border with Poland. There, he got into an SUV and covered the hundred kilometers that separated him from the Rzeszow airport, where a US Air Force plane was waiting for him.

The report of The country provides a comparison, apparently widely used by journalists yankees. 81 years ago today, another warring leader visited the White House. He was named Winston Churchill and spent Christmas with the Roosevelts after Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor.

In EL ESPAÑOL, I see some of Zelenski’s most significant phrases, such as this one: “Your money is not charity”. The President of Ukraine welcomed the fact that Biden took advantage of the joint appearance to announce the sending of patriot missiles long range. Biden, by the way, told Zelensky: “You are the man of the year.” because of the magazine Time. At the same time, Putin promised his army to give him “everything he needs.”

The most surprising headline in relation to this matter is in The vanguard: “Biden rearms Zelenski in person”. I ran to the inside pages thinking I was going to see good old Joe putting a gun in the Ukrainian’s pocket.

I have to talk about the Sánchez-Feijóo that was held in the Senate. I want to extract from El Confidencial, for example, some of the phrases that were said. But since today is lottery day, let’s play. I am going to read three to see if you are able to find out their author.

“You’ve gained a few weeks, but you’ve lost what little credit you had left.”

“You’ve gone too far, but we’re not going to let you.”

“Nothing more disappointing than watching this entire process in its bare reality!”

The debate was a bit weird. Look at this headline from EL ESPAÑOL: “Pedro Sánchez was offended by non-existent insults. The president reproached Feijóo on two occasions for disqualifying him with insults, but nobody listened to them. The leader of the PP did not use a single one of those qualifiers”. It is the problem of keeping the answers written.

Since we haven’t had a company dinner or breakfast, I’m thinking of signing up for one of these appointments you talk about The reason on its cover: “Ministers and advisers use lunches and meetings with the economic and social power to disqualify the leader of the PP”. Hey, depending on the restaurant it is, it still pays off.

Practical things: the reduction of embezzlement and the annulment of sedition will take effect at the end of January. This month, the president also wants to approve the reform of the system for the election of judges.

It will do so with its traditional majority and it is important, in this regard, to read the following news from The vanguard. “Esquerra reaches out to Sánchez for judicial renewal: ‘What happens at the institutional level in the State is not alien to the dialogue process'”. He reminded me of the Melendi song: how are they going to say I love you if they already have their mouths together.

I end with a piece of news that is on the front page today The world: I swear it’s true, huh? “Officials will be evaluated every year and may lose salary.” The Government is already preparing a mandatory test that will be done every twelve months. If they are suspended continuously, they will lose their level and part of their salary. “An official may be demoted for not doing their job well“, says the chronicle of Daniel Viaña. UGT and Comisiones Obreras, of course, have come to the fore. They assure that it is very serious.

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