Russian lawmakers mull seizing property of army ‘detractors’ | Russia-Ukraine war update

The Russian parliament is considering a bill that would enable the confiscation of assets from individuals accused of spreading intentionally false information concerning Moscow’s military activities, especially in the ongoing Ukraine war. The focus of this legislation is to target those who, in the eyes of Russian authorities, tarnish the reputation of the country and its soldiers.

Details of the Proposed Bill

Vyacheslav Volodin, the speaker of the State Duma, revealed the intention behind the bill via a post on Telegram. He outlined the aim of punishing individuals who are deemed to be disparaging Russia and its troops involved in the Ukraine conflict. This bill, to be presented to the Duma, seeks to crack down on those who incite extremist actions or advocate for imposing sanctions against Russia. Additionally, it targets individuals who discredit the armed forces, considered a criminal offense under a law introduced as part of Moscow’s crackdown on dissent post the deployment of troops to Ukraine in February 2022. The prospective penalties extend to the potential revocation of any honorary titles and the confiscation of property. Volodin emphasized the significance of holding accountable those who attempt to undermine, betray, or cause harm to Russia.

Existing Laws and their Ramifications

Under the current law aimed at preventing any discrediting of the Russian military, numerous activists, bloggers, and ordinary citizens in Russia have faced lengthy prison sentences. These punitive actions have included sentencing popular writer Dmitry Glukhovsky to an eight-year term, charging renowned novelist Boris Akunin as an extremist and terrorist, and imposing a seven-year jail term on artist and musician Sasha Skochilenko for engaging in antiwar demonstrations.
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The law has also been used to incarcerate Russian blogger Aleksandr Nozdrinov for posting images of destroyed buildings in Kyiv and implying the involvement of Russian troops. These cases are illustrative of the severe consequences that individuals face when found guilty under the existing legal framework.

Ongoing Dynamics of the Ukraine Conflict

Despite the legal and punitive measures, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine persists. Recent developments have shown that Russian forces continue to engage in military actions, including shelling the southern Ukrainian town of Huliaipole. An individual lost their life due to shelling in the southern Kherson region. Furthermore, an exploding drone allegedly targeted a gas pipeline near the Ukrainian border, leading regional authorities to attribute the incident to Ukraine. Meanwhile, the European Union has announced plans to ramp up ammunition production and consider additional sanctions against Russia in response to Ukraine’s pleas for support. The severity of the situation in Ukraine has led to an increased level of international involvement and attention.


The potential law that allows for property confiscation in Russia, targeting individuals engaged in the spread of false information in connection with the Ukraine conflict, underscores the magnitude of the ongoing geopolitical tensions. The proposed legislation and its endorsement would not only impact freedom of expression but also carry far-reaching implications for individuals, further exacerbating the already volatile situation. It remains crucial to closely monitor the developments relating to this potential bill and the broader dynamics of the Ukraine conflict.


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