Russia Reveals New Participants in US Biological Weapons Projects in Ukraine

The head of the Russian biological, radiological and chemical defense troops summarized the results of the Review Conference of the Ninth Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention (CABT).

Lieutenant General Igor Kirillov, head of the Russian Armed Forces’ Radiological, Chemical and Biological Defense Troops, has revealed new participants in US biological weapons projects in Ukraine.

During the press conference dedicated to the results of the Ninth Review Conference of the Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention (CABT)which was held in Geneva (Switzerland) between November 28 and December 16, Kirillov pointed out that “some participants in closed projects they remain in the shadowalthough they are key players in the military-biological program in Ukraine.”

Moscow: "The lack of US responses on the bio-labs in Ukraine confirms the validity of the Russian claim"

Specifically, it is about Kenneth Myersformer director of the US Defense Threat Reduction Agency; Tara O’Tooleexecutive vice president of the CIA-controlled venture capital fund In-Q-Tel; Thomas Friedenformer director of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; Francis Collins, former director of the National Institutes of Health; Y Jeffrey Wadsworthscientific director and president of International Research, Development and Medicine of the Pfizer company, among others, detailed the lieutenant general.

“We have previously submitted materials confirming the involvement of Hunter Biden and his Rosemont Seneca Foundation, as well as other US Democratic Party-controlled entities, in funding major Pentagon contractors operating in Ukraine,” Kirillov said, adding that it showed “how deeply” that Hunter Biden is “involved in the financing of Metabiota, a company controlled by the US Department of Defense”.

The US blocks a series of Russian initiatives

In addition, during the press conference, the senior official denounced that Washington promotes the creation of a new mechanism that allows him to designate “at your whim” those responsible for biological incidents, while blocking a series of Russian initiatives that seek to strengthen biological weapons control measures.

Kirillov recalled that the conference took place “against the backdrop of the scandal of US military-biological activities on the territory of Ukrainethe H1N1 swine flu outbreak and the spread of African swine fever”.

Russia Reveals New Details of US Biological Activities

During the meetings, the senior military official detailed, Russia raised a series of initiatives to strengthen the regime for the non-proliferation of biological weapons, as well as to improve confidence-building measures within the framework of the Convention, which were blocked by the West. .

“The US explicitly stated that it will not allow formulations about the importance of a legally binding protocol and verification procedures in the final document, despite the fact that 120 countries have spoken in favor of the initiative”, affirmed the lieutenant general.

“A more loyal and controllable tool”

Kirillov revealed attempts to create alternative mechanisms to the CABT. In particular, he explained that “a US non-governmental organization proposed the creation of a joint biological incident investigation mechanism under the auspices of the UN” which, according to Washington’s design, “would fill the gap between the Secretary General’s Mechanism for the Investigation of the Alleged Use of Biological Weapons and the sanitary investigations of the World Health Organization”.

One of the reasons for its creation, he argued, lies in the fact that the US is not satisfied with the conclusions of the WHO expert group on the causes of the coronavirus pandemic.

“Apparently, they would like to have a more loyal and controllable tool to investigate infectious disease outbreaks,” Kirillov said.

The military man compared the activity of the proposed mechanism with the working principles of the experts of the Investigative Mission of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons.

“In perspective, this would give the mechanism an attributive character and allow Western countries to ‘name’ those responsible as they see fit,” he explained.

Likewise, the lieutenant general commented that the US representatives “showed themselves especially sensitive to the proposals to include in the final document” of the Conference the facts related to “violations of commitments to the BTWC by the US and Ukraineparticularly its biomilitary activities on Ukrainian territory”. In this regard, he stressed that the Russian intervention “has led many participating States to reflect on the risks of collaborating with Washington in the military-biological field”.

The Russian military indicated that the head of the US delegation, Kenneth Ward, had refused to respond to Russia’s accusations about the BTWC violations, arguing that “Moscow has never been interested in hearing US responses to specific questions about biolaboratories in Ukraine“; reason for which -Ward settled- the North American country intends “not to make any more clarifications”.

“Legitimate questions to the US on new pathogens”

In his comments on the mechanisms of the CABT and the need to increase its effectiveness, Kirillov mentioned the investigation launched by the US Republican Party on Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and the president’s main medical adviser. Joe Biden.

As a result of the investigation, he stated, “facts of public financing were confirmed through an intermediary organization of experiments to increase the pathogenicity of virusesincluding coronaviruses, whose incidence until 2019 was not widespread.

“The investigation found that Fauci outright lied and deliberately concealed US government involvement in investigative programs. At the same time, he was found to have colluded with social media executives to manipulate public opinion regarding the origins of covid-19”, he stressed.

“These disclosures raise legitimate questions for the US about the causes of new pathogens causing human disease and the ins and outs of their pandemic spread,” Kirillov stressed.

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