Romney Slams Trump’s Immigration Stonewalling as ‘Appalling’

Former Republican presidential nominee and current senator Mitt Romney has criticized Donald Trump’s stance on immigration, calling it “appalling”. In this article, we will delve into Romney’s statements, Trump’s approach to immigration, and the potential implications of this political standoff.

Romney's Critique of Trump's Immigration Policy

Mitt Romney, a prominent Republican senator from Utah, expressed his dismay over Trump’s directive to his fellow party members not to negotiate with Democrats on immigration and border control. Romney described the border issue as crucial for Trump, but he condemned the President’s strategy of sabotaging potential solutions to the border problem to shift blame to the Biden administration. He labeled this behavior as “appalling”, showcasing a clear divide within the Republican ranks regarding immigration policy.

Trump's Stance on Immigration Talks

Despite facing legal challenges and attempts to remove him from the ballot, Trump has actively worked to disrupt Senate discussions on an immigration deal that is closely linked to a new aid package for Ukraine. His hardline opposition has complicated the possibility of a bipartisan breakthrough, especially with Republicans holding sway in the House and the influential figure of Mike Johnson, a staunch conservative from Louisiana, as the speaker.

Romney's Background and Opposition to Trump

Romney, a former governor of Massachusetts and a presidential nominee, has taken a firm stand against Trump, despite initial considerations of working with the President following his victory in the 2016 elections. He has consistently opposed Trump’s decisions, most notably being the only Republican senator to vote for Trump’s conviction in both impeachment trials, including the one related to Trump’s attempts to solicit political favors from Ukraine.
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The Reality at the Border and the Need for Action

Romney emphasized the urgency of addressing the border crisis, highlighting the impact on American citizens. He stressed the responsibility of a presidential candidate to focus on solving the problem rather than deferring it for personal credit in the future. It is evident that the rift in views on immigration and border control is not just a political maneuver but has tangible consequences for the nation and its people.


The clash between Trump’s immigration stance and Romney’s critique underscores the complexities within the Republican party and the broader political landscape. The divergent approaches to immigration can have far-reaching implications, especially in addressing critical issues such as border control and the welfare of the American population. As this debate unfolds, it will be crucial to monitor the developments and the potential impact on the upcoming presidential election.


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