Revealed: How Trump Secured Victory in New Hampshire’s 2024 Republican Primary According to Voter Exit Polls

In the 2024 New Hampshire Republican primary election, Donald Trump secured victory over Nikki Haley, drawing strong support among the Republican base and winning with most key demographic groups. Despite an increase in numbers of moderate and independent voters in New Hampshire, Trump’s appeal among the Republican base ultimately contributed to his successful campaign.

New Hampshire voters were looking for a fighter

The qualities sought by New Hampshire GOP voters, such as strength and shared values, played to Trump’s favor as he led among voters who prioritized these attributes. Despite Nikki Haley’s lead among voters who prioritized the right temperament, a shift in momentum towards Haley in the final days leading to the election did not significantly impact the results, as the overwhelming majority of the electorate had already made up their minds in favor of Trump.

Independents backed Haley, but Trump won Republicans

While independent voters largely supported Haley, Trump’s dominance among self-identified Republicans was apparent, with only about a quarter of their support going to Haley. Additionally, despite fewer voters identifying themselves as part of the MAGA movement compared to Iowa, an overwhelming majority of those who did vote for Trump. Moreover, the majority of conservative voters in New Hampshire favored Trump, contributing to his overall victory.

Economy and immigration top issues for New Hampshire voters

The economy and immigration were the top concerns for New Hampshire GOP primary voters, and Trump successfully garnered the support of voters who prioritized these issues. More than half of the voters expressed a desire to deport most undocumented immigrants in the U.S., aligning with Trump’s stance on immigration. While Haley won voters who prioritized foreign policy and abortion, the lesser emphasis placed on these issues by the voters did not significantly sway the results in her favor.
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Overall, the 2024 New Hampshire Republican primary election showcased Trump’s ability to resonate with the Republican base, emphasizing qualities and issues that underscore his appeal. Despite independent voters largely backing Haley and a shift in momentum towards her in the final days, Trump’s stronghold among Republicans and his alignment with key issues allowed him to secure victory over Haley in the primary election.


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