Research Reveals Spanish Soldier Saw The World Backward And Upside Down After Bullet Went Through Skull

Kolkata: Self reflection in the mirror is reversed. But if the whole world turns upside down in front of the eyes! Far from fixing the right and left, if the papers are all upside down! It’s a nightmare, just thinking about it gives me goosebumps. Cto take We have seen a glimpse of such a world on the screen. But so in reality! Although it seems like a fairy tale, this is exactly what happened in reality (Science News). After being shot in the battlefield, he started seeing everything upside down, just like a reflection in a mirror. Not only that, houses, plants, sky and ground all turn upside down (Medical Science).

The incident of 1938. In Spain, the civil war was at its peak. A soldier of that country was shot at that time. He was shot in the head. But the wound was not that serious. So stay alive. But from then on, like a reflection in a mirror, he begins to see everything upside down. When he lay down on the bed and hung his head downwards, he saw everything in the same way as if he saw everything upside down.

While researching, the topic of that old incident came up recently. The matter has been brought forward by going through the documents of that time, the medical report of the soldier. The soldier was referred to as ‘Patient M’ in the research report. It was published in the journal ‘Neurologia’ on April 1.

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Researchers said that the soldier was only 25 years old. He was shot in the head during the civil war. The bullet entered the skull and exited around the edge. As a result the wound was not that serious. As a result, the doctors did not think Bell needed surgery at the time. But when the definition comes back to the soldier, it is clear where the mess has gone. He started seeing everything crooked and upside down.

Doctor Justo Gonzalo Rodríguez-Lil was working at Godella Military Health Hospital in Spain at that time. He wrote down the medical report of the soldier named ‘Patient M’. He was doing research on brain lesions at that time. The soldier saw everything happening literally before his eyes. Books, writings on the walls are also upside down in front of his eyes. Not only that, if a colored object was placed in front of the eyes, in that case ‘Patient M’ could see the object and the color applied to his skin separately from each other. Sometimes one thing saw two, sometimes three.

Justo Rodríguez-Lille wrote in his report that ‘Patient M’ could tell the time from any direction. ‘Patient M’ could read a newspaper with a gurgle, even if everything was held upside down. Justo Rodriguez-Lil has written that in detail in his book ‘Brain Dynamics’. He said, ‘Patient M’ saw the farmers working on the land. But in his eyes, the body of those farmers was completely upside down.

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Justo Rodriguez-Lil mentioned several such incidents. He claims that in most cases patients do not understand the difference. Not only that, but when you realize what is happening, it passes as a temporary illusion. Daily life is not affected. According to Justo Rodríguez-Lil, the extent of brain damage depends on how deep the lesion is, where it is located, whether the lesion is external or internal.

He identified three symptoms of brain injury, central (in which more than one sense is affected), paracentral (not all the senses are affected equally) and marginal (one or specific senses are affected). ‘Patient M’ lived his entire life without any treatment. He died in the nineties.

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