Resale of gifts: we explain how and why to get rid of your presents at Christmas

After the Christmas holidays, resales of gifts explode. Ebay expects 3 million online listings between December 25 and January 3. Why this practice is interesting for purchasing power and how to go about it?

After Christmas, the use of second hand sales websites explode. Why do so many people resell their Christmas gifts, and how do they do it?

An increasingly common practice

Ebay e-commerce platform expects 3 million ads to be posted between December 25 and January 3, peaking at 300,000 new offers on Christmas Day, reports West France. 7 million French plan to resort to this practice, that’s 500,000 more people than 5 years ago. The Rakuten site recorded 650,000 new ads in the morning, notes South West.

For some, it will only be a question of reselling the gifts which do not suit them or which they cannot use. This is the case of clothestoo big or too small and duplicates. The objects of decorations beauty not approved by recipients may also end up on e-commerce sites.

Budgetary need

The communication manager of Rakuten France explains to our colleagues that the resale of gifts can be a “real budgetary boost for the reseller as for the buyer”. Because if earning money on a good that we did not buy is good for the wallet, getting a resold gift generally allows to save on the amount normally spent.

This year, Sud Ouest reports that 16% of French wanted to resell their gifts for budgetary reasons, an increase of 6 points compared to 2021.

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On which site can you resell your gifts?

Many e-commerce sites allow you to resell gifts, but there are also platforms created by chain stores. Thus, it is possible to get rid of second-hand objects in the “Recovery” section of the site of the Fnac. Amazon also devotes a tab to this practice but will charge at least 1 euro on the resale price.

The good corner, Rakuten et Ebay are classics when it comes to selling items online, and you even have the option of putting your gifts on auction.

Otherwise, more specialized sites allow you to publish ads for certain properties. Think of Vinted for ready-to-wear, Communal changing room for luxury goods and Momox for books that will captivate you the least.

You can also give them

In France, sites such as ConsoGlobe et recover make it possible, not to resell objects, but to give them away: a double bargain. For some to get rid of bulky or unwanted goods, for others to get things they wouldn’t have bought otherwise.

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