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#Kolkata: Male-dominated Calcutta at that time At that time, the British king was sitting in the streets of this city That is the year 1790 The position of women in the society was lost in the middle of the inner circle In that era, a puja was started in the large yellow-colored Prasadpam house of Janbazar in central Kolkata. This puja is like worship of mother and respect of women After the death of Swami Rajchandra Das in 1836, he took all the responsibilities of Puja on his shoulders Lokmata Rani Rasmani started worshiping Goddess Durga At that time, the words of Rani’s power would return to the people The British themselves were seized by him Medieval Calcutta, which reached its nadir in women’s freedom, saw what the widowed zamindar called Ginni Tej.

Being beautiful, Rasmani Devi was married to Rajchandra, the son of Pritram Das Mar, the zamindar of Janbazar, at the age of 11. A family full of happiness and prosperity But the sadness is the same They did not have a single son Four daughters came to the family of Rajchandra and Rasmani Who will see such a large estate? In the end, however, the zamindari of Rajchandra was divided between the daughters-in-law And that’s why this puja is going on in three parts even todayEven today, the old fragrance is attached to the organs of this house Even today, the smell of that brightness, that solidity, that prestige can be found in the plaster-crusted yellow columns, the horse saplings growing in the chilekotha, the stretched verandahs that bring out the structure. Rasmani’s four daughters Padma Mani, Kumari, Karunamayi and Jagadamba Mathur Mohan Biswas got married with this mercy Ranima loved Mathurbabu like her own son He used to trust Karuna died within two years of marriage Then Mathurmohan married Karuna’s sister Jagdamba A son of Jagadamba and Mathur Trailokyanath Biswas He had four sons Brajagopal, Nityagopal, Srigopal and Mohangopal Brajgopal’s two daughters Electricity and electricity Lavanyalata was married to Vijaykrishna Hazra Since then, the members of the Hazra family are handling the responsibility of this puja in the main house of Janbazar

The work of making the statue of mother is going on in full swing  Own image
The work of making the statue of mother is going on in full swing Own image

On the other hand, Nityagopal, another son of Trailokyanath, has two children, Sushil Kumar Biswas and Sunil Kumar Biswas. Sunil Kumar Biswas’ sons currently conduct the Durga Puja at 18 Rani Rasmani Road, Rani Rasmani Bhavan, also known as Biswas Bari Puja. Padma Mani’s husband’s name is Ramachandra Das The part of the house where Padmani’s descendants live, also has a Thakurdalan There was also another Durga Puja The part of the house where the descendants of Kumari’s husband Parimohan Chowdhury live, also has a Thakur Dalan and there is another Durga Puja which is known as Chowdhury Bari Pujo.

That passion is gone  Yet this house is a witness of tradition  Own image
That passion is gone Yet this house is a witness of tradition Own image

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Women always predominate in this puja There is no custom of inhumane khattu, eating last of all, working hard in this home puja. The female members of the house do not touch any of the puja preparations yet The burden of everything is on slaves They come to Thakur Dalan during Puja, sit and watch Puja, have fun. In this house, when the girls finish eating, the men sit down to eat This trend continues even today Puja starts from Pratipada First of all, enlightenment takes place at home Homekunda is in Bodhan house This Bodhan house is three steps down from the Tagore building One of the special features of Ranimar Puja is that Kumari Puja is performed daily in this Puja Another thing is that painters made Tagore in Puja, not potters But there is no specific mold of mother’s face For generations, painters have brought the mother’s face to life by hand The complexion of the goddess is like a flower bud Many mythological pictures are painted in Atchala

The mother's face, the color, the decoration of the rice picture... all have their own specialness
The mother’s face, the color, the decoration of the rice picture… all have their own specialness

During the reign of Rani, the splendor of this puja was visible However, like the pujas of other big houses of that time, there was never a Bai dance, no money flew in the air, and no fountain of wine and meat. This puja has always been the puja of the public mind Even today, following the Rani’s philosophy, worship is performed here with devotion

In this puja, Ramakrishnadev came to worship the mother wearing a sari, dressed as a sakhi Paramahansadeva had to disguise himself lest people recognize him and start shouting. When he got down from the car and stood next to Mathurbabu’s wife, he waved at his mother, but no one recognized him. Even Mathurbabu later asked his wife Jagdamba, ‘Who is she? I can’t recognize it.’ Jagadamba then said to him, “He is our little Tagore.” The old charm has been erased… the glory has faded in the course of the day. The layers of the old era and the stories of those days have remained Satyajit Roy painted the poster of ‘Devi’ on the model of this Tagore’s face This puja commemorates Prince Dwarkanath Tagore, Kabiguru Rabindranath Tagore. The joint family of 52 people is still preparing for the puja

Photo: Courtesy of Rani Rasmanibari

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