Rahul left the car and got on a truck at midnight, got off at Satan Gurdwara, the video went viral

New Delhi: ‘Bharat Jodo Yatra’ (Bharat Jodo Yatra) from Kanyakumari to Kashmir. He got the benefits in hand. Congress has returned to power after winning huge votes in Karnataka. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi took public relations one step further. He got into the truck at midnight. Talked to the truck driver. What kind of problems they have to face in the transportation of goods, took information in detail (Viral Video).

Rahul was going to Chandigarh from Delhi on Monday night. At that time he got into a truck in Ambala, Haryana. He sat in the driver’s side seat. After that he left. Talked to the truck driver for a long time on the way. Pictures of Rahul riding the truck, sitting next to the driver, have already gone viral on social media. Everyone praised the Congress leader.

At the moment, no public relations program has been formally adopted by the Congress. But it is heard that Rahul may go to Shimla. Because at the moment his sister Priyanka Gandhi is in Shimla with the family. Rahul can go to meet him. Before that, the video of Rahul riding the truck came out. Congress leader Imran Pratapgari shared a video of Rahul riding a truck and wrote, ‘Rahul Gandhi appeared among them to know the problems of truck drivers. Boarded the truck on National Highway 1. Only Rahul Gandhi can do the work of talking to the truck drivers and asking about their problems. You can make the impossible possible Rahulji’.

Congress leader Supriya Srinath writes, ‘After talking to university students, sportsmen, government job seeking youth, farmers, delivery partners, mango citizens in the bus, why did Rahul Gandhi suddenly meet a truck driver in the middle of the night? Because he wants to listen to the people of the country, wants to know about everyone’s problems. Seeing him like this inspires confidence. There are some, who are ready to sacrifice themselves for the bright future of the countrymen, there are some, who are opening a shop of love in the market of hatred and slowly faith is returning that the country is eager to return to the path of love and peace’. Rahul was also seen at a Gurdwara after riding in a truck on Monday night.

Congress recently won Karnataka by a huge margin. Behind him, Rahul’sIndia Joro Yatra‘ had an important role. After forming the government in Karnataka, Rahul again directly targeted Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Inauguration of the new parliament building by the President Draupadi MurmuInstead of being in the hands of Modi, why is it in the hands of Modi, he raised the question. Other anti-BJP parties have also raised questions about why the executive head is inaugurating the new parliament building when the country’s constitutional head is the head.

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