Radical changes in the higher secondary examination system from the next academic year, everything can change

#Kolkata: There are many changes in the higher secondary examination from the next academic year. At least that is what the Higher Secondary Education Council is planning. The state government is preparing a new education policy. Basically, several changes are being made in the education policy of the state in line with the central education policy. The draft of the education policy has already been submitted to the chief secretary. And in that education policy, it has been said to bring huge changes in the higher secondary examination. The higher secondary examination is said to be conducted in semester system. In other words, there will be two examinations for female students in higher secondary. Initially, in the academic year 2023-24, the examination will be conducted in semester system only for higher secondary students.

Exams will be conducted in semester system from class 11 onwards. Chiranjeev Bhattacharya, president of Higher Secondary Education Sangsad, said about the introduction of semester system, “The whole issue is at a preliminary level. Our long-term plan is to introduce semester system in higher secondary examinations. CBSE-or other countries are also conducting class 12 exams in semester system. About students. Keeping this in mind, we are walking the path of this plan. It will be implemented once the state government approves it.”

At present, the colleges and universities of the state have been introducing semester system exams for the past few years. But this is the first time at the school level that the examination will be conducted in the state semester system. In this case, the parliament president’s argument is that “if the evaluation of the students’ higher secondary exams is done only through one exam, problems often arise. Many students have various difficulties. In that case, if there are two exams a year, the quality of the students’ evaluation and reading will reach a better place.” “However, although the plan has been taken to conduct the examination in the semester system, no outline has yet been prepared regarding the manner in which the examination will be conducted,” said the parliament president.

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But Parliament also wants to bring OMR sheet in higher secondary examination. Generally after higher secondary examination students have to give various competitive examinations on OMR sheet. Keeping that in mind, the Parliament wants to implement the plan to test students in OMR in the first semester out of two semesters. However, whether it will be partially or completely, the discussion is going on, said the President of the Parliament.

Although it is possible to take the OMR sheet test in science subjects, the Parliament is taking the opinion of experts on how to take the OMR sheet test in humanities or arts subjects. In that case, the number of multiple choice type questions is likely to be more, the officials of the Parliament think. The state’s education policy is still being discussed in expert circles. According to sources, the state government may come to a quick decision on education policy. Already, the committee on education policy has recently held a meeting with the chief secretary in Nabanna.

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