Quantumania screenwriter defends himself against accusations of leaking Avengers 5 spoilers

Surprising rumor alleges that Quantumania and Kang Dynasty screenwriter Jeff Loveness was leaking Marvel information online.

Quantumania screenwriter defends himself against accusations of leaking Avengers 5 spoilers

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Prior to the film’s release, Jeff was also confirmed as a screenwriter for Avengers: Kang Dynasty. However, the position was in doubt after the poor reception of Quantumania at the box office, critics and public opinion.

Recently, information emerged that Jeff had been FIRED from Marvel. To make matters worse, a rumor began to circulate that Marvel would have fired the screenwriter because he was LEAKING information from Kang Dynasty, Quantumania and more from Marvel on the internet.

Yes, the rumor alleges that the Marvel writer is one of the internet scoopers/leakers that we follow so closely. Of course, none of this has been confirmed and the rumor came from an unreliable source.

But even so, the gossip gained a lot of strength and was widely spread during the day of yesterday (22). So much strength that Loveness himself responded to the accusations on his Twitter.

“Nah. This is not me. I didn’t leak anything. All farce.”

Since the rumor didn’t come from any of the reliable sources, it seems that Jeff is indeed innocent this time.

But his alleged dismissal from the Avengers remains open. Will we have confirmation soon? Keep an eye on here marvel’s legacy for more information.

We’ve rounded up the voice actors from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 in special session

Giving an even greater tone of emotion was a special session held in Rio de Janeiro on May 6th. Where the marvel’s legacy was honored to participate in a session in partnership with chris and panda and UCI Cinemas.

To surprise the fans present there, we invited the voice actors from the film! We had the distinguished presence of Raphael Rossatto (Peter Quill), Priscila Amorim (Gamora), Mckeidy Lisita (Rocket), Gabriela Medeiros (Nebula) e Sergio Cantú (dubbing director for the trilogy and also the voice of Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man).

Other notable voices from the Marvel universe were also there, such as Marco Ribeiro (Iron Man) and Wirley Contaifer (Tom Holland’s Spider-Man).

Check out how it went below:

The session, of course, ended with applause for the voice actors after their names appeared in the credits. A very special moment for RJ’s marvetes and for all fans of national dubbing!

Keep an eye out here on the site for more information and curiosities.


After marking the history of cinema with Avengers: Endgamethe next Earth’s Mightiest Heroes movie will be Avengers: Kang Dynasty!

The feature was announced at San Diego Comic Con as one of the highlights of PHASE 6 of the MCU, alongside Avengers: Secret Wars! In addition to the official date of May 2, 2025we also have confirmation from the director Destin Daniel Crettonwho shone in the movie Shang-Chi.

There are no official details on which hero will be on the new team, with the obvious exception of Jonathan Majors…o Kang!

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