Qatar has touched the heart of the world

Thirty-three-year-old Brazilian fan Tatiana Lopez broke all the mistakes by coming to the queue. “The men here are very polite,” Lopez said. Although it’s strange to see more men in public places (than women) than I’m used to seeing in Colombia, they’re all very respectful.’

Many Western visitors were skeptical about security in Qatar. However, after stepping foot in Doha, their apprehension disappeared. As young American Andrea M told Al Jazeera, Qatar is much safer than the US.

No incidents of violence or crime have come to light in Qatar during the entire World Cup. Apart from this, no woman has complained of teasing or harassment. Qatar has touched hearts by successfully completing the event.

The world’s most popular event FIFA World Cup is over. Since hosting the World Cup, Qatar has been criticized by various countries, including the West. But in the end, Al Thani’s country touched the hearts of the people of the world due to the correct completion of this huge event and sincerity.

Qatar, which declared independence just five decades ago, received permission to host the 2022 World Cup in 2010. After that, the population of the country increased rapidly. Most of the country’s three million residents are migrant workers. Most of whom are citizens of South Asian countries.

How Qatar was a decade and a half ago is known in the words of Shehar Banu, a Pakistani woman who went to Qatar a few years ago. He said, ‘In 2006, I was in Ubdodhani of the Asian Games held in Qatar. At that time it was unbelievable that a country like Qatar was organizing such a thing. Then slowly the environment changed. The new Khalifa International Stadium made it clear that Qatar is focusing on sports, culture and education.’

The streets were empty at that time. There was no alternative to shopping. A secluded five-star hotel, a basic mall and office buildings. This was the image of the capital Doha standing on the West Bay.

But in the last decade, Qatar has improved greatly. Gleaming new buildings on the shores of the Basque Bay exude a sense of aristocracy. New districts, cultural centers and cutting-edge venues have turned quiet Doha into a bustling metropolis. It is still expanding.

Many people objected to sitting in the World Cup queue. That objection was multiplied when, just days before arrival, Qatar made it clear that illegal partners would not be allowed there. Can’t wear revealing clothes. The western world is very excited about this. However, Qatar has remained steadfast in their policy. In the end, following these rules, millions of visitors came to watch the World Cup.

The country takes up unimaginable plans around this event. Fast start implementation. Al Thani’s Qatar was not satisfied with building one eye-catching stadium after another. They built modern museums along with roads and hotels.

Besides these, the important plan they plan is to showcase the beauty of Arabia and Islam. The words of Islam, the words of the Holy Prophet are written on the walls of the street. Throughout the event, thousands of volunteers work to educate visitors about Islam. The audience also received them with interest.

Qatar has now emerged as a hub of communication, with six-lane highways, a glittering metro train system and commuter buses. Which was unimaginable in 2000. At that time, the idea that a small country like Qatar could host a football World Cup was unimaginable.

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