PSDP 2022-23: Govt. Releases Rs609.015 Bln Funds In 10 Months

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News – 23rd May, 2023 ) :The Federal Government has authorized the utilization of development funds amounting to Rs609.015 billionout of a total allocation of Rs714.177 billionfor various ongoing and new social sector uplift projects of the federal ministries and divisions during the first 10 months (July-April) of the fiscal year 2022-23 under its Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP).

Out of the total authorized/disbursed amount, the total amount spent so far on the development projects during the corresponding period stood at Rs373.912 billion.

According to the disbursement mechanism of the Planning Division, the development funds allocated in the federal budget are released at the rate of 20% in the first quarter (July-September), followed by 30% each in the second and third quarters, and the remaining 20% in the last quarter (April-June) of a fiscal year.

The government also authorized/disbursed Rs400 million for the Earthquake Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Authority (ERRA) out of which Rs330.95 million have been spent so far, according to the latest data released by the Ministry of Planning, Development, and Reform.

The detail shows that Rs169.259 billion out of a total allocated amount of Rs 152.236 billion have been disbursed to corporations while Rs 439.356 billion have been disbursed to the federal ministries out of a total allocation of Rs 561.440 billion.

For the Aviation Division, funds amounting to Rs2.494 billion have been disbursed against the total allocation of Rs3.324 billionwhereas the board of Investment received Rs282.63 millionout of an allocation of Rs807.50 million.

Similarly, the government authorized Rs90.030 billion to the Cabinet Division, Rs4.075 billion to the Ministry of Climate Change, Rs1.

174 billion to the Commerce Division, Rs108 million to the Ministry of Communications (other than NHA), Rs1.913 billion to the Defence Division, Rs1.870 billion to the Defence Production Division, Rs845.81 million for the Establishment Division, Rs5.239 billion to the Federal education & Professional Training Division, Rs726.15 million to the Finance Division, Rs78.525 billion to Provinces and Special Areas (Previously Under FD/KA&GB), Rs37.763 billion to the Higher Education CommissionRs19,166 billion to the Housing and Works Division,Rs143.85 million to the Human Rights Division, Rs2.107 billion to the Industries and Production Division, Rs1.287 billion to the Information an Broadcasting Division, Rs6.876 billion to the Information Technology and Telecom Division, Rs2.055 billion to Inter Provincial Coordination Division, Rs5.168 billion to the Interior Division, Rs1.236 billion to the Law and Justice Division, Rs2.145 billion to the Maritime Affairs Division, Rs114.35 million to the Narcotics Division, Rs6.886 billion to the National food Security and Research Division, Rs10.159 billion to the National Health Services, Regulations and Coordination Division, Rs114.59 million to the National Heritage and Culture Division, Rs289.89 million to the Pakistan Nuclear Regulatory Authority, Rs1.480 billion to Petroleum Division, Rs5.920 billion to the Planning, Development and Special Initiatives Division, Rs462.89 million to the Poverty Alleviation and Social Safety Division, Rs25.889 billion to the Railway Division, Rs600 million to the Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony Division, Rs4.109 billion to the Revenue Division, Rs3.185 billion to the Science & Technological Research, and Rs91.636 billion to the Water Resources Division.

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