Prince Harry: new blow for the Duke of Sussex following an unexpected legal setback

Prince Harry must once again face bad news. Indeed, the Duke of Sussex has lost yet another legal battle.

  • Since leaving London, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle can no longer benefit from the protection of British police
  • A decision that the Duke of Sussex did not appreciate at all
  • Unfortunately for him, he has to face a new disappointment

This is a new ordeal which he would have done well. On May 16, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle claimed to have been involved in a chase with paparazzi during their trip to New York. The Duke of Sussex, traumatized by the tragic death of his mother, would have experienced this event with great fear. But the version of the police and many witnesses does not agree with them. And as bad news never comes alone, here comes the husband of Meghan Markle to lose its attempted challenge over the UK government’s refusal to pay his protection and that of his wife in the United Kingdom.

Indeed, by leaving the royal family and settling in the United States, the Duke of Sussex is no longer protected by the police. This unprecedented decision was taken by the Executive Committee for the Protection of Royalty and Public Figures (RAVEC). But quickly, Prince Harry had made a request to challenge the authorities to retain this right. According to Reuters, this was rejected in its second review by the High Court in London. To defend their client, Prince Harry’s lawyers had indicated that the Executive Committee had not “the power to make that decision in the first place”

Very bad news for Prince Harry

But for the police and the government, it would not be normal to “allow the fifth rank to the throne to pay for his protection”. Indeed, according to them, this would mean that any wealthy person could thus “acheter” policemen as private bodyguards. Eventually, London High Court Judge Martin Chamberlain decided to side with RAVEC’s decision and deny its application for judicial review. “RAVEC’s reasoning was that there are political reasons why these services should not be available for payment, even though others sometimes are. I don’t detect anything irrational in this reasoning,” did he declare.

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