Primary Tet: Specific seats for candidates, specific question papers, ‘no’ board if rules are violated

#Kolkata: The Board of Primary Education has stricter rules on primary TET. Candidates will be seated in a specific place based on their roll number. That is, separate seating arrangements will be made for each candidate in different examination centers. If the candidate sits in any other place outside that, his exam will be cancelled. This rule is mentioned in the admit card given to the candidates by the Board of Primary Education. Candidates will open the question paper packet at the examination center. That is, in this case, the question paper packet will be separate for each student. This is the news according to the Primary Education Board.

In that case, board officials assume that there may be a problem if you do not sit in a specific seat based on the roll number. Board officials claim that this is the reason for this action. However, in this case, if any candidate does not sit in his allotted seat, then the exam of that candidate will be canceled as it is mentioned in the admit card given to the candidates. In addition to this, recently the Chief Secretary along with the President of the Primary Education Board held a meeting with the District Magistrate, the Superintendent of Police on the preparation of Tet.

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The Chief Secretary himself gave a set of instructions in the meeting. This time, the Board of Primary Education started the process of giving the admit card to the candidates from the last week of November. And this admit card also mentions several restrictions for the candidates. Candidates should report to the examination center two hours before. Biometric verification of candidates will be done. Candidates will be searched with metal detector. Specially disabled candidates will be given an additional 50 minutes for the examination. Candidates should bring their admit card and an identity card to the exam center only. Candidates will not be allowed to enter the examination center after the time limit given for coming to the examination centre. No mobile, phone, earphone, camera, watch, handbag can be carried.

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Candidates will be given a copy of the question paper at the end of the examination. No candidate will be allowed to go outside the examination center during the examination. According to the board sources, there will be multiple instructions mentioned in the admit card. Recently, the Chief Secretary has made it clear in the meeting with the District Magistrates Superintendents of Police that if there is any problem with the examination, it will be the responsibility of the District Magistrates. Specific control rooms will be opened in the offices of SDOs and District Magistrates. Where candidates can report any complaint about the exam. For this, the Chief Secretary gave special instructions in Thursday’s meeting. It was also informed in Thursday’s meeting that the primary education board will announce the control room numbers of each district’s district magistrate and SDO office separately. In addition to the issuance of section 144 in the area adjacent to the examination center, 16-point guidelines have already been given to various districts by the Board of Primary Education.

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