Primary Tet Exam: Internet will be closed in 6 districts, the big decision of the Home Department for Sunday!

#Kolkata: The state home department has decided to shut down the internet in 6 districts of the state focusing on primary school. Internet services will be shut down in North Dinajpur, Maldah, Murshidabad, East Medinipur, West Medinipur, and South Dinajpur districts. Internet services are off in areas adjacent to examination centers in these six districts. Internet service is closed today from 11:30 AM to 2:30 PM. The primary education board fears unrest in these 6 districts based on the examination. The Board of Primary Education is afraid that the danger of failure may come from these six districts. Instead, the council proposed to the state home department to stop internet services in these 6 districts. After that, the state decided to stop the internet service in these six districts. The board president expressed the fear of failure on the basis of the examination on Saturday. Then the Home Department decided to stop the internet service in the areas adjacent to the examination of these districts.

On the other hand, the board’s virtually unprecedented action centered on primary TET. Central control room of the board started from Saturday. And through this control room, the life coverage of what is happening in any test center during TET will come to the board. The board took an unprecedented step in the center of primary. With the help of a private organization, this image will be directly transmitted from around 1000 examination centers across the state to the central control room of the board. Candidates are entering the exam center, taking the exam sitting at home, along with the biometric attendance, the candidates are being searched with metal detectors, the question papers are being given, all the pictures will be sent live to the board. Generally competitive exams like NEET, JEE are conducted in this way. The primary education board has arranged the exam security system in that way.

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This monitoring system will run for 24 hours in the central control room of the board. For this, multiple monitors have been installed in the control room of the Primary Education Board. Through which the board can directly monitor the various exam centers in live coverage. If there is any disturbance in any exam centre, its information will come to the board immediately. Speaking in this context, Primary Education Board President Gautam Pal said, “We want to conduct the examination in a transparent manner. We hope that this system will conduct the examination system with guaranteed security.”

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Tet will start from 12 noon on Sunday. This exam will be held till 2.30 pm. Candidates should enter the examination center from 9:30 am. Candidates can enter the exam center only after biometric attendance and metal detector screening. All in all, the unprecedented action of the board centered on the primary TET.

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