PP and PSOE praise Felipe VI’s speech and ERC criticizes his “origins” with a photo with Franco

The Christmas message from King Felipe VIin which he has warned of the erosion of institutions and the deterioration of coexistence, has aroused all kinds of reactions among the different political leaders, most of the comments through social networks.

[El Rey alerta contra la “erosión de la convivencia y las instituciones”: “Un país dividido no avanza”]

The president of the PPP, Alberto Núñez Feijóohas made it clear that in his party “we share the great speech of HM the King in defense of the Constitution, the legacy of the Transition and the strength of the institutions in the face of the challenges we face. We trust in Spain and in the future that we can build United”.

And he has been one of the first to react to applaud the words of Felipe VI.

For his part, he PSOE has assured that “the message of HM the King Felipe VI shows that we have a Head of State aware of the country’s challenges, Europeanist and aware that only from unity, respect for the Constitution and the integrity of the institutions in difficult times, Spain can move forward”.

For vox“We are one of the great nations of the world and we Spaniards have to continue deciding our destiny together. Taking care of our democracy; protecting coexistence; strengthening our institutions. We wish the Royal Family a Merry Christmas!”.

In the case of Ciudadanos, it has been Ines Arrimadasits president, who has praised that the Head of State has “delivered a speech at the height of the seriousness of the moment that Spain is experiencing and has been enormously successful in indicating the solutions: unity, coexistence and strong institutions. We will be there the liberals, always in defense of our democracy”.

Christmas message from Felipe VI.

One of the most critical has been the ERC spokesman in Congress, Gabriel Ruffian, who has published a photo of Felipe VI as a child greeting the dictator Francisco Franco assuring that “we must not forget our origins”.

It didn’t look good either greenpeace Spain the words of the monarch, in this case, the lack of references to climate change: “2022 has been the hottest year since there are records, we have had the worst fires in memory in Spain and a galloping drought, but the King has not He has not said a word about the environmental crisis in his speech. I-NA-CEP-TA-BLE!”

Within the PP, for the general secretary, Cuca Gamarra“the king Felipe VI shows us the way to improve our future as a nation. Successful calls for harmony, constitutional values ​​and the general interest to strengthen our institutions”. And for the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Diaz Ayuso“we are one of the great nations of the world with many centuries of history. The King recalls everything we owe to the Transition and the principles of our Constitution. He calls us to believe in ourselves, to coexistence, to harmony and to care the institutions”.

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