Polling for the first municipal elections in the history of the federal capital continues, tight security arrangements

Polling for the first local body elections in the federal capital…

Islamabad (News Desk) The battle for power continues in the federal capital Islamabad, the ruling party Muslim League-N, Tehreek-e-Insaf, Pakistan Peoples Party, independent candidates and workers of 26 political parties lined up outside the polling stations to make their candidates successful. The polling process in 50 union councils will continue without any break from 7 am to 5:30 pm. 2156 polling booths have been set up at 640 polling stations. .

The Election Commission has also established a control room for local body elections in Islamabad.

The total number of voters in the capital is said to be more than 676,000. According to the statistics, more than 2400 candidates are participating in the elections for the seats of the chairman, vice chairman and councilors. There is a holiday in the educational institutions of the capital, while the employees of the government offices will be given a day off at two o’clock. According to the Election Commission, security Army, Rangers and FC jawans have been deployed to support the police to provide security. Besides 625 army jawans and 700 Rangers personnel, police have also been deployed to maintain peace and order. 1000 personnel are also present in the area. One ranger and 15 policemen have been deployed at the most sensitive polling stations, while 7 policemen are on duty at the sensitive polling stations. According to the Election Commission, the army will also be present as a rapid action force. In the federal capital, the ground for the local body elections for the first time in history has been set. The war of madness and madness has become the center of attention in the city. According to private TV channels, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, Pakistan Muslim League-N, and the People’s Party. A total of 24 candidates are in the field While the largest number of 972 independent candidates are also in the field. Pakistan Muslim League-N (506) and PTI (479) are vying for success in the election with a total of 2405 candidates. Some errors have also been revealed by the Election Commission, including the concealment of wrong election symbols, delay in polling and other irregularities. According to neutral analysts, the majority of Muslim League-N and independent candidates in the rural union councils in Islamabad. will be successful and a large number of independent candidates may come in front of them, while in urban areas, independent candidates will get less seats and candidates at the party level will get majority of seats, in which Tehreek-e-Insaf is on the first place, Muslim League-N on the second and then Jamaat-e-Islami. And the Pakistan People’s Party will come in the same direction. According to independent analysts, if the total number of seats is compared, the independent candidates will play a major role in making the mayor of Islamabad. All the independent candidates are in the field in the rural area. In elections at community level are participating and most of the votes of PML-N will be sacrificed for communalism which will not cause much damage to Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf or other parties. It has also been seen that the candidates of Muslim League or other parties who Those who are participating in the election at the community, tribe level are giving priority to communityism. Those who are independent candidates in Tarnool, Golra, Bhara Kahu, Nurpur Shahan, Tarlai, Tramiri, Sahala, Khanna Dak and other rural areas are The position is slightly better than the party ticket. It has been seen that they are contesting the election on the basis of community and personal recognition. According to the analysts, like the first two phases of the local body elections in Islamabad, here also two in the Muslim League-N. Factions are established. The position of the candidates contesting as independents is slightly better than that of the NLD ticket holders as the old and ideological LQ workers are contesting as independents and those who have been given tickets are not very strong.

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