Pilots and stewards decide to suspend strike over Christmas weekend

The National Union of Aeronauts announced this Friday (23) that it will suspend the strike of pilots and flight attendants during the Christmas weekend. According to the entity, the interruption will be for the category to vote virtually on the new proposal presented by the companies until 12:30 pm on Sunday, and the union members can have time to inform themselves and make a conscious choice.

The proposal maintains the readjustment values ​​previously presented by the companies, the full replacement of the inflation measured by the INPC and another 1% of real gain, and adds two social clauses: the possibility of changing the crew members’ off hours through compensation and also the possibility of the start of the vacation counting from a weekend day. The terms of the category’s collective agreement will also be renewed.

Part of the crew crosses their arms for two hours every day since Monday, always from 6 am to 8 am, to demand a real increase in wages and better rest conditions. Due to the strike, the guidance of airports is that passengers contact airlines to confirm the status of flights.

Pilots’ demands

The new proposal rejected by the National Union of Aeronauts (SNA) provided for the replacement of 100% of inflation measured by the National Consumer Price Index (INPC), plus a real increase of 1%, in addition to other demands related to days off and rest time. By determination of the TST, the strike can reach only 10% of the employees of the companies. The union claims that the determination is being fulfilled and the movement takes place within the legality.

The SNA points out that it decided to strike “in view of the high prices of airline tickets that have generated increasing profits for companies”. The category also claims that companies “respect the start and end times of the days off and that they do not schedule workdays of more than three hours on the ground between two flight stages”.

The National Union of Airline Companies (SNEA) claims that the price of airline tickets was heavily impacted due to the pandemic and that there was an increase in costs for companies – which, according to the employers’ union, accumulate losses.

In a note released this Friday, the 23rd, the SNEA points out that the most recent proposal by the TST is the third proposal denied by the crew, the first of which was presented by the SNEA still within the scope of union negotiations.


The airline employers’ union also emphasizes that it has been carrying out negotiations with the SNA since October, “to preserve the rights of the crew, extending the validity of the current CCT until the end of the negotiations, and guaranteeing air travel for passengers”, and that it complied with the first mediation proposal drawn up by the TST, presented last weekend, which was also rejected by the SNA.

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