Pilots and flight attendants strike: second day of strike has more delays; see situation at airports in the country

Pilots and flight attendants maintain the strike movement for the second consecutive day this Tuesday (20) at the airports of Congonhas, Guarulhos, Galeão, Santos Dumont, Viracopos, Porto Alegre, Brasília, Confins and Fortaleza. The strike began this Monday (19) and causes concern because it hinders the movement of passengers at a time of year with high demand for flights due to the approach of holidays and year-end festivities, such as Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

On the first day of stoppage, problems were registered on more than 80 flights, including delays and cancellations, at the nine mentioned airports and hundreds of passengers were injured. In a note, the National Union of Aeronauts (SNA) states that “the strike continues” as long as there is no agreement with the areas.

The stoppage movement is expected to happen indefinitely, but always between 06:00 and 08:00. The dynamic will allow the union to comply with the decision of the Superior Labor Court (TST), which determined that 90% of the crew remain active during the strike.

O InfoMoney Contacted all airports to update terminal status this Tuesday.

At Guarulhos Airport, due to the stoppage of aeronauts, there are records of three delayed flights and none canceled until 8 am, according to the press office. This Monday, 21 flights were delayed and none were cancelled. The concessionaire advises passengers to look for airlines to find out the status of their flights.

In Congonhas, until 6:40 am this Tuesday, there were ten delayed flights and two cancellations, according to information from Folha de S.Paulo.


At RioGaleão, until 08:00, there were no delays or cancellations. The other airports did not respond to the request until the publication of the article.

What do the airlines say?

In a note, Latam informs that its operation is normal, with only a few occasional impacts on flights departing this Tuesday morning (20). “This movement is related to the negotiation of the National Union of Airline Companies (SNEA) and not the negotiation of the Collective Bargaining Agreement (ACT) of Latam”, says the company in a note.

Even so, the company asks passengers to check the status of their flight on the website. latam.com. “Passengers with flights affected by the strike will be able to reschedule their flights free of charge or, in case of withdrawal, request a refund of their tickets. At the same time, passengers affected by delays will receive all the assistance provided for by the legislation in force”, says the company.

Azul said it did not comment on the strike. Gol did not return until the publication of the article.

What do aeronauts demand?

The aeronauts category claims a real salary increase of 5% and better working conditions, including respect for the collective agreement, among other points.

“We had delays in some operations and this will be normal until there is a new negotiation. We spent two and a half months negotiating with the companies. We had two proposals that were rejected”, the president of the National Union of Aeronauts, Henrique Hacklaender, told journalists.


The airline union reported that the Superior Labor Court (TST) determined that 90% of the aeronauts in service (operating the planes) should be maintained during the strike period.

What passenger should do?

Passengers, with flights scheduled from this Monday, should be aware of their rights. “If there is any type of impact for the passenger, such as flight delays or cancellations, what applies is Resolution n° 400/2016, of the National Civil Aviation Agency (Anac)”, explains Marco Antonio Araújo Junior, specialist in consumer law.

The resolution establishes that airlines must immediately inform passengers through available means of communication that the flight has been delayed or cancelled, in addition to providing in writing (if requested by the passenger) information on the reason for the delay or cancellation.

Companies must also provide material assistance to passengers at the airport (they are obliged to meet certain needs, according to the time customers wait to board):

  • More than 1 hour: companies must provide communication facilities, such as a telephone line or internet;
  • More than 2 hours: food, according to the schedule, through the provision of the meal itself or through vouchers;
  • More than 4 hours: accommodation, only in case of an overnight stay; and return transfer from the airport to the place of accommodation.

If the passenger is at an airport located in the city in which he resides, accommodation will not be necessary and the company can only provide the transfer. For Passengers with Special Assistance Needs (PNAE) and their companions, the company must provide accommodation regardless of the overnight stay requirement, unless the passenger and companion agree with the substitution for accommodation in a place that meets their needs.

In delays of more than 4 hours and also in cases of cancellation, the company must also offer alternatives for re-accommodation on other flights, reimbursement or execution of the service by another mode of transport. PNAEs have priority in reaccommodation.

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