Phd After Graduation: Phd after graduation! New announcement by UGC

UGC: Students can join Phd only after graduation. That is, you will get the opportunity to do research. University Grants Commission (UGC) Chairperson M Jagadish Kumar informed about this new pattern. Under the new rules, you will get a chance to do PhD directly after graduation. He also said that the three-year undergraduate program will not be stopped until the four-year program is fully implemented. The new rules for the undergraduate department were announced earlier this week. There the Honors degree course is said to be a four year programme. The UGC chief said that those studying in the four-year graduate program will no longer need a master’s degree or a master’s degree to pursue a Ph.D. 

From when UGC four year graduation program starts

University Grants Commission Chairperson M Jagdish Kumar said that no deadline has been announced yet. However, talks are being conducted with various higher secondary schools. This new program will be launched as soon as possible. However, until the four-year graduation program is successfully launched, the current three-year graduation program will be continued. Several universities such as Delhi University have already launched this four-year undergraduate program. Many other universities are preparing to launch this program. Many universities are trying to launch this new program in the academic year of 2023. Various universities are expected to introduce these four-year undergraduate programs in the next few years. This program should be launched to increase the attraction of the best students. 

Benefits of four year undergraduate course

Students no longer need to study for a Master’s degree or a Post-Graduate degree when admitted to a four-year undergraduate course. Rather, they can join the PSD program directly. If the studies progress in this way, the students will get benefits in future jobs or higher education. But whether a university will launch this program depends on that institution. No rules have been made by UGC.

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