Peter Haas’s visit to Shaheen Bagh is more serious than the Ukraine attack! German Ambassador

US Ambassador to Bangladesh Peter Haas’s visit to Shaheen Bagh is now a topic of discussion around the world. Peter Haas went missing on December 14 BNP Leader Sajedul Islam visited Sumon’s house in Shaheen Bagh to meet the families of the missing persons. While the pre-scheduled meeting was going on, the members of ‘Mayer Kanna’ took up position in front of the house. They tried to enter the building where Haas was stationed. As a result, Haas ended the meeting ahead of schedule due to security concerns. As he was leaving the venue, people stationed in front of the house surrounded his car. In this incident, Haas immediately informed Foreign Minister AK Abdul Momen in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs about his security concerns. The next day, Mohammad Imran, the ambassador of Bangladesh appointed to Washington, was called to the State Department. U.S. Secretary of State for Central and South Asian Affairs Donald Lu expressed concern about the security of Ambassador Peter Haas there.

Then last Tuesday, in a self-proclaimed statement of the Russian Embassy in Dhaka, it was said that Moscow has adopted a policy of non-interference in Bangladesh’s internal affairs. Although the statement did not mention anyone’s name, it pointed to the United States and the Western world, and said that under the pretext of protecting democratic values, those who consider themselves the ‘rulers of the world’ are interfering in their internal affairs. Such a policy obviously undermines the stability of the world order, causing chaos and disaster.
The US Embassy then asked on Twitter in response to the Russian Embassy’s statement, “Does Russia’s position against interference in the internal affairs of Bangladesh apply to Ukraine as well?”
Meanwhile, in a regular briefing on December 22, the spokesperson of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Maria Zakharova, commented that the US ambassador’s visit to Shaheen Bagh was an attempt by the country to interfere in Bangladesh’s internal affairs. The Russian Embassy in Dhaka provided the English transcript of the briefing in Russian to the media on Sunday. Where it can be seen: Alleging that the United States is constantly trying to influence the internal affairs of the country under the pretext of caring for the rights of the citizens of Bangladesh, the Russian spokesperson said that his (US Ambassador’s) colleagues (British High Commissioner, German Ambassador) in the British and German diplomatic missions in Bangladesh are doing similar work. .
After the news was published in the media of Bangladesh, Akhim Traoster, the ambassador of Germany posted in Dhaka, showed an immediate reaction. Akhim Traoster, from his official account on social media Twitter, shared a link to a news report on the Russian spokesperson’s statement titled “US Ambassador’s visit to Shaheenbagh interferes in Bangladesh’s internal affairs: Russia”.
In the accompanying caption, the German ambassador made a clear reference to the ‘US ambassador’s visit to Shaheenbagh’, comparing it to Russia’s attack on Ukraine, writing: (Peter Haas’ visit to Shaheenbagh) Absolutely, unforgivable! A brutal illegal attack on a democratic sovereign state, killing and abducting thousands of people, destroying much-needed civilian Ukrainian infrastructure, is far more serious than suffering the entire world.

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