Peppa Pig Set to Take on LEGO for Global Theme Park Expansion

With her love for jumping in muddy puddles, Peppa Pig has captured the hearts of children worldwide. Now, the multibillion-dollar global preschool phenomenon is set to make her debut in a new range of LEGO toys and theme park attractions, marking a significant partnership between Hasbro, the LEGO Group, and Merlin Entertainments.

Evolution of Peppa Pig and LEGO Partnership

Hasbro, the US toy company behind iconic brands like My Little Pony and Play-Doh, acquired Peppa Pig’s owner for £3.3bn in 2019. This partnership has paved the way for the collaboration between Peppa Pig and LEGO, fulfilling the desires of LEGO fans and enthusiasts. Roberta Cardazzo, the design manager at the LEGO Group, expressed excitement about bringing the world’s most popular pig to life in buildable LEGO sets, solidifying the partnership with Hasbro. The alliance also involves Merlin Entertainments, a prominent player in the theme park industry. The Peppa universe will be reimagined as rides and attractions in Duplo-themed areas at several of Merlin’s parks, including Madame Tussauds, Legoland, and Alton Towers. This three-way deal signifies an expansion of Peppa Pig’s presence in the theme park landscape, offering a new dimension to the beloved character’s global reach.

Unveiling the Duplo-Themed Attractions

Merlin Entertainments plans to debut the Peppa Pig Duplo areas at its Legoland park in Denmark and a new Peppa Pig park in Germany, co-located next to its Legoland site. The introduction of these themed attractions will provide children and families with immersive experiences, further solidifying Peppa Pig’s status as a favorite among young audiences. Since its launch on Channel 5 in the UK in 2004, Peppa Pig has achieved monumental success, reaching audiences in over 180 countries. The franchise extends beyond TV, encompassing merchandise and theme parks, signifying its widespread impact on global entertainment and children’s content.
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Impact and Legacy of Peppa Pig

Peppa Pig was created in 1999 by Mark Baker, Neville Astley, and Phil Davies, who capitalized on their friendship and shared experience working in the animation department of Middlesex Polytechnic in the mid-1980s. The resounding success of the franchise has propelled the creators into the realm of multimillionaires, underscoring the overwhelming appeal and commercial value of the endearing character. The significance of Peppa Pig transcends entertainment, as evidenced by the attempt of the Labour party to leverage the character’s popularity before the 2010 election. However, the creators declined the invitation, emphasizing the integrity and independence of the brand.


The collaboration between Peppa Pig, LEGO, and Merlin Entertainments marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of children’s entertainment and theme park experiences. By bringing the beloved character into the realm of LEGO and themed attractions, the partnership is poised to resonate with young audiences and families globally, forging new avenues for immersive and engaging entertainment experiences.


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