Payala Baisakh 2021: This village celebrates the ‘wife’ fair on the second day of Baisakh from husband and wife.

#Narayanganj: For Bengalis, the routine of this day is totally different from the other five days of the year First Boishakh is said Forget the daily ten-five, this day will be a little different Wake up in the morning and bathe in the Ganga After that, sitting with folded hands in front of Lakshmi-Ganesh with pure heart in new clothes. Sweet face at the end of Puja In the afternoon, start with Sona Mung Dal and Kachi Pathar Jhol with Garma Hot Crisp Bamboo Rice. A little rice and sleep in the afternoon In the evening, after visiting the shops, returning home with a packet of sweets and a calendar Sometimes sitting with friends and having a chat somewhere Lately the evening routine has changed a bit

Now the evening of Baisakh means going to a big restaurant and trying Bengali food with friends. The picture of Bengali New Year in Bengal is a bit like this But in the last two years he has barely crossed the line. Courtesy of Corona virus. Last year, there was a nationwide lockdown on the first day of Baisakh. As a result, everyone was waiting, this time they will forget all the previous year’s failure and enjoy double the joy. But the way Corona has increased again, even if there is no lockdown this time, there is no situation to go outside.

However, there is a little more excitement among the Bengalis of the other side of Bengal about Payala Baisakh Starting from the cultural program of Ramna Botmool The streets of Dhaka were crowded with thousands of people The road was colored in red and white This time there is a strict administration. Lockdown in Bangladesh from tomorrow to prevent the spread of corona virus.

However, in remote villages, Paila Boishakh is still celebrated in a different way That old smell is still present in Sonargaon, Narayanganj, Bangladesh How many types of fairs are held around Paola Baisakh But the fair of Sonargaon is totally different The very name of the fair itself hints at diversity The name is ‘Boumela’

This wife fair is being celebrated for ages around a four hundred year old banyan tree. This five-day fair starts from the second day of the month of Baisakh. The fair begins with the worship of Goddess Siddheshwari under the banyan tree Women mainly participated in the puja Men also participate, but in fewer numbers Word of mouth, Hindu women flocked to this puja from husband’s sohagini. Married women flock to fulfill their desires And that is why this fair is called ‘Boumela’

The banyan tree, under which the puja is performed, has become the deity of virtue to the local orthodox. Hence the banyan tree is popularly known as Siddheshwari Devata to the Hindu community Hindu women came in droves to the wife mela with rekabi filled Boishakhi fruits. Sacrifices used to be offered here to appease the gods But now that custom is abolished Rather, pigeons are flown to spread the message of peace It is heard that Hindu women organize puja with the wish that the bonds of the husband’s family remain unbreakable and the married life is spent in peace and happiness throughout the year.

And a big fair is held in the field next to the banyan tree in the center of this puja Apart from local people, people from other districts also gather in this fair However, with the change of time, this ‘Bau Mela’ has lost much of its past charm and is now colourless. Due to insufficient space for the fair, the visitors to the fair have to suffer. With the touch of modernity, the traditional fairs celebrated in rural areas are now on the verge of extinction. Sonargaon’s ‘Bowmela’ is still alive like the Shivaratri festival However, we do not have any information about whether the fair will be held for Corona this time.

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