Parachute offers robes, loungewear up to 50% off

It doesn’t get much better than a Sunday morning coffee in a great pair of sweatpants. Or maybe we can think of one thing: stepping out of the shower and into a beautiful, high-quality robe.

Whether you’re shopping for yourself this gifting season or buying presents for a loved one who could use a day to take a load off, this cozy sale from Parachute has you covered.

We’ve published many of the best gift guides of the year over the last few weeks, catered to all types of giftees –  husbands, wives, teenagers, kids, and dogs too – and we can’t think of one list that these offerings from Parachute wouldn’t make an excellent addition to. Who doesn’t like comfort? Who doesn’t like style? Who doesn’t love a great deal?

Parachute offers cozy picks, including robes, sweatpants, sweatshirts, and tanks, for up to 50% off this holiday season.

Below, we’ve picked out eight of our favorite discounted items from Parachute. Read on, click through, and snuggle up this holiday season.

Maroon cotton robe.

Who’s going to say no to 100% Turkish Cotton? Not us, and for this price, we would double say no. This Cloud Cotton Robe from Parachute comes in three colors: Mulberry (pictured above), Celery, and Amber, and all marked down over $50 for the holidays.

2. Linen Robe, $49, original price: $109

Salmon colored linen robe.

Prefer a lighter robe for year-round use? This Linen Robe from Parachute – priced down $60 this holiday season – is a great alternative. Soft, light, and cheap? Where do we sign?

3. Waffle Robe, $69, original price: $129

Light brown Waffle Robe.

Save $60 on this textured Waffle Robe inspired by the finest spas in the world. Complete with two pockets, Parachute’s Waffle Robe is the perfect unisex housecoat.

Pale pink sweatpants.

Once you nab this great deal on Parachute’s Organic Cloud Pants, you’ll never want to take them off. Constructed from Parachute’s cotton cloud fabric in a two-ply gauze, these lightweight, breathable pants are a lounging essential.

Black hooded robe.

Loving the options, but wish there were more that made you look like a Star Wars character? Worry not. Parachute teamed up with MATE this year to produce this comfortable, hooded sleep robe, now over $30 off.

6. Thermal Top, $69, original price: $98

White sweatshirt.

Another collaboration with MATE, this thermal top is a new Friday-night-in essential. Available in three colors, Fog (pictured), Aubergine, and Surplus green, this stylish, 100% cotton sweatshirt is sure to keep you warm all night.

7. Thermal Pants, $97, original price: $138

Green sweatpants.

You don’t want to be unbalanced, do you? Pair your new Thermal Top with Parachute and MATE’s Thermal Pants, priced down over $40 for Parachute’s holiday sale.

White tank top

One word: soft. Four words: Soft, and on sale. It’s a veritable guarantee: this Tencel Sleep Tank from Parachute, also available in Aubergine and Surplus, will become a staple of your loungewear collection.

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