Pakistani men need a moment to decide to take away the roof from a woman, not the price of loyalty and love, Imran defended in every way: Reham Khan

Pakistani men need a moment to decide to take away the roof from a woman…

London (ANN) Tehreek-e-Insaaf Chairman Imran Khan’s ex-wife Reham Khan has said that she defended Imran Khan in every way after becoming a part of his life, but now it has been realized that in our society there is no love and loyalty of a wife. There is no value, Pakistani men need a moment to take away the roof of their house from a woman, often fathers, brothers, husbands and sons brutally violate the basic rights of women in the name of love and protection. I do, the media portrays me, I wonder how people who I have not even met sit far away and give reliable information about me, women mostly complain of interference from mother-in-law or daughter-in-law but maybe Being a national sister-in-law meant that the whole country became my in-laws and everyone had the authority to speak about me.

In a scandalous article published in the British daily “The Guardian”, Reham Khan wrote that when I got married to Imran Khan, my sister jokingly told me that I got a “divorce” like an educational degree in the media. Why was introduced as the winner? He said that at the time of marriage, I was presented in the media as a divorced mother of three children, but I am surprised that the media did not mention the marriage and divorce of Imran Khan with Jemima Goldsmith. Did some TV channels even show the birth certificates of my children on the screen as breaking news when they did not get any information so they made speculations. If you are a woman, it doesn’t matter how educated you are, how enviable your income is, or how confident you are. Even men can throw mud at them, abuse them, point fingers at your character. Often fathers, brothers, husbands and sons. Yen’s basic rights are brutally violated and all in the name of love and protection. Let’s go back to January when Imran and Reman returned home after the Walima reception in Islamabad. Even the couple had not changed, it was told that you have to give your first TV interview as a newly married couple. Without any preparation, I was made to sit on the hot seat and face millions of people. The anchor of the TV channel asked the first question that Research has shown that you were a victim of domestic violence in your first marriage. So I answered this question without any preparation that I am not afraid of the experience of domestic violence even though it is a huge issue. I have never expressed my experiences, but this issue needs a lot of awareness. On the same day, my ex-husband rejected the allegations and said that my answer was a white lie. Granted. Women in our society mostly complain of mother-in-law or daughter-in-law interference, but being a “national sister-in-law” means The whole country was my in-laws, which means that everyone has the right to speak about you. I now feel that the love and loyalty of a wife has no value. For Pakistani men, making a house a home. The price of hard work and love of a wife is not more than the stamp that always closes the doors of this house for you. It takes a moment to decide to take away the roof of a woman’s house. At the age of 42 and after two marriages, the things left behind do not matter, because they can be bought again, but faith in humanity and love once. If lost, it can never be regained.

He said that the Pakistani media has portrayed my character. I wonder how people I’ve never even met sit miles away and give reliable information about me. I wasn’t aware of any extra eyes or ears in my bedroom. I get asked this question all the time. Why did my marriage end after only 10 months? Was it media scrutiny or the intervention of Imran’s advisors? Is it true that Imran Khan’s family played a major role in the separation? But the answer is that None of these was the reason. I always felt that it was my duty to protect my family. After becoming a part of Imran Khan’s life, I defended him in every way. When campaigning for PTI. When I was criticized for my participation, I disappeared from the public eye. We gave a clear statement from both our Twitter accounts that I have no role in the party, but this statement was not enough for reprimand. After that, I felt compelled to say that a dignified departure was necessary in the hope that my husband would be under incredible pressure and able to focus on his mission. Sometimes it has to be released.

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