Pakistan-China Corridor project is being made controversial, if the country gets out of problems then politics will also be done: Muhammad Nawaz Sharif

The China-Pakistan Corridor project is being made controversial, the country should get out of difficulties…

Gujra (Monitoring Desk) Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has said that everyone’s agenda should be Pakistan’s development and upliftment, for the first time China has invested so much in the country, those who are pulling the legs of the government are actually pulling the legs of the country and Pak China. The corridor project is being made controversial, pulling each other’s legs is not a national agenda, once the country gets out of the problems, then they will do politics. For the first time in history, people’s money is being saved in development projects through their tireless work and transparency, and the government is right to take credit for it. The construction of 6-lane road from Lahore to Karachi has started which is a historic project. According to the details, while addressing the ceremony after laying the foundation stone of the M4 section, the Prime Minister said that he is very happy to lay the foundation stone of this project today and millions of people will benefit from its construction. He said that the construction of Gujra to Shurkot Motorway has been divided into two parts which will be completed as soon as possible while Gojra to Shurkot and Shurkot to Khanewal sections will be fenced on both sides so that no animals can come on the road. . The cost of Gojra-Shorkot section was estimated at 21 billion rupees, but the project will be completed in 17 billion rupees, thus saving 4 billion rupees from the project and depositing it in the national exchequer. Similarly, the nation has saved billions of rupees on one power project, the nation has saved 110 billion rupees on three power projects.

He said that instead of pulling each other’s legs, we should support one agenda, which is the agenda of Pakistan’s development and upliftment, because no one has the capacity to have a separate agenda. . He said that the exports of neighboring countries have increased from 250 billion dollars, but our exports are only 22 to 24 billion dollars. The China-Pakistan Corridor project should not be disputed because with the completion of this project you will be able to send your exports to the whole world. The Prime Minister said that Pakistan should play its role honestly to reach the goal, Motorways are also being built in Sindh, Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. He said that the lights of Karachi are being restored, people from Dubai are coming to Pakistan, they will do politics if Pakistan gets out of difficulties. It will be inaugurated while the Karachi to Lahore Motorway, which is the biggest project in the country’s history, has been launched and 6-lane road is under construction. Nawaz Sharif said that the highway is a national asset, the protection of which is the responsibility of all governments, but no one paid attention to the highway in the last 15 years. . By coming back to power, we have saved the motorway and if it was not repaired, it would have been further destroyed. If there is a network of roads, the economy can develop rapidly and the network of roads is also necessary to make the regions of Pakistan equal to each other. Nawaz Sharif said that national development is the first priority for the government and vigorous measures are being taken for it. While the government has given a lot of money to end terrorism, billions of rupees are also being spent for the rehabilitation of the people of Waziristan. Money has also been spent on earthquake victims and 341 billion rupees have been allocated for the improvement and rehabilitation of farmers.

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