Oversold or operating error? They reveal what caused the chaos at the Bad Bunny concerts in Mexico

More than a thousand attendees could not access the event due to a problem with the company specializing in the sale and distribution of tickets.

More than a week after the controversial and chaotic organization of the Bad Bunny concert in Mexico City, it was determined that Ticketmaster would not have doubled the tickets to the concert to which thousands of fans of the Puerto Rican singer could not enter, because their places had already been busy.

The head of the Federal Consumer Attorney’s Office (Profeco), Ricardo Sheffield, explained on Monday that the chaos caused in both presentations was the result of a management system problem and ticket control of the company specialized in the commercialization and distribution of tickets.

“It is ruled out that it was a double sale, that it was sold twice. What they say is that they had a problem in the registration of tickets due to intermittent signal when registering the tickets with the little guns that collect the tickets. codes,” explained the official during the usual morning conference of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

Profeco officials reviewed videos from the surveillance cameras of the Azteca Stadium, in which empty spaces are observed inside the building during the concert on December 9. The finding rules out the ticket duplication due to lack of available places, although it shows that the company could have accommodated the more than a thousand affected in these areas.

What about those affected?

According to Sheffield, Profeco found that Ticketmaster has already begun to reimburse 100% of the money spent by affected fans, in addition to 20% as compensation.

“As required by law, 20% compensation and a full refund, both of the payment for the concert and the payment for the service they made to Ticketmaster,” said the official, who urged those affected to call the service offices to the Profeco consumer to find out about the replacement of the money.

"It is a supportive people": López Obrador asks the singer Bad Bunny for a free concert in Mexico

Additionally, the director reported that an agreement had been reached with Ticketmaster so that from now on, when there is a cancellation, for whatever reason, 100% of the ticket and the ticketing service provided by the company are returned to consumers. , just like you do in the US, Canada or the European Union.

Free Bad Bunny concert in Mexico?

Given the effects caused to nearly 2,000 consumers, López Obrador asked to the interpreter of songs like ‘Moscow Mule’ and ‘Me porto bonito’ that he considered give a free concert on the main esplanade in the center of Mexico City.

So far, the artist has not reacted to the invitation. However, a few days ago the Puerto Rican interpreter revealed Billboard that after his most recent tour of various countries on the continent, next year he will take a break from their activities and will resume them in 2024.

The illusion in the Mexican capital, however, has not been lost. The governor of Mexico City, Claudia Sheinbaum, reported on December 15 that she had contacted directly to the producers from the singer to see what dates they have available on their calendar and if they would be willing to hold the event.

If the presentation is confirmed, the concert could take place on the esplanade of the Plaza de la Constitución or on Reforma Avenue, places where massive events can be held, reported the governor, who said that she will “do everything possible” to make it happen. the presentation.

Towards stricter regulation

A month before the Ticketmaster controversy took place, Deputy Martín Padilla presented a bill to the Mexico City Congress to regulate the resale of tickets on unofficial digital platforms and the commissions charged for them.

According to the project, 90% of resale ticket purchases are made online with premiums ranging from double to ten times their original cost. Local legislation already prohibits the resale of tickets to public events and imposes fines of up to 384,880 pesos (19,244 dollars) and 36 hours of arrest for those who commit these crimes, but there is no legal framework that regulates online sales.

For his part, the senator of the federal Congress, Ricardo Monrealpresented another initiative in order to tighten the regulation related to the sale of tickets to public events.

According to the document sent to the Legislature on December 9, ticket vendors must refrain from charging for the ticketing service and other commissions related to the delivery of tickets, among other charges, in order to avoid the overpriced tickets.

The reform also establishes that in case the event is cancelled, the supplier must reimburse the consumer the total cost of the ticket, as well as any fees or commissions collected, within 30 calendar days after the scheduled date of the event.

The Bad Bunny and Ticketmaster controversy

Thousands of fans of the singer Bad Bunny lost the opportunity to listen to the Puerto Rican artist during his presentations on December 9 and 10 at the Azteca Stadium in Mexico City, because the places they had acquired through the company ticket masterwere used by other people.

The international company was immediately held responsible for the incident, since those affected claimed that it had sold more than one ticket per seat To the concert.

For its part, the company excused saying that the incident had been caused by the presentation of a large number of counterfeit notes, as well as the intermittent operation of its ticketing system.

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