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Rudra Narayan Roy, North 24 Parganas: When the fire broke out in the Habra railway slum, the residents were all alone, about 50 families, trying to put out the fire in a hurry, crying, fighting to save the last possessions, as if another picture was caught at the scene of the Habra railway fire.

When you see the picture, you will think that someone’s blessing is real, and someone else’s doom. The fire was now somewhat under control, with everyone scrambling around the scene to save their last possessions. The entire area is covered in smoke. Their homes have turned to ashes in front of their eyes, where will they live! Unable to figure out where to take shelter, the local residents complained that at that time some people tried to grab valuables such as money and gold from the burnt slums.

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And in the name of finding this last possession, both men and women were seen looking for valuables, including money and gold jewelry. The slum dwellers do not know many of them, they said that they do not know. It is believed that this work is done for the purpose of collecting burnt items, washing them and taking money and gold from there. And to deal with them, the firemen also had to speed up. Besides, some very enthusiastic people came and saw how the fire was burning, what the fire looked like, how many houses were burnt to visually capture it. Like something interesting, life is meaningless if you can’t see it. People came from far and wide to hear the cries of people.

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However, the photos captured in the Habra railway slum fire incident are rare. Sorting out finds from burnt houses is next door. A group of young men are looking for money in a bag. On the other hand, a housewife was seen experimenting with some of the burnt parts, mistaking them for gold. When asked, everyone claimed that they also had a house there. But not a specific room. The poor family members of the local slum area made a kind of complaint that they looted wherever they could. Socially conscious people feel that the urge of a class of people to stand on the side of people where it is desirable to stand by people, and stand away from the danger of people in this way on social media, will raise big questions against social responsibility in the future.

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