Outrage as Andor Fans React to Ray Stevenson Snub in Emmy In Memoriam Tribute

The 2024 Emmys were a night of celebration and recognition for many in the television industry; however, the absence of certain individuals in the In Memoriam segment has sparked outrage among fans, particularly those of the Star Wars spin-off, Andor. The omission of actor Ray Stevenson from the tribute has left many perplexed and disappointed, raising questions and concerns about who else may have been overlooked.

The Controversy Unfolds

As the 2024 Emmy Awards took place, fans of the Andor series immediately voiced their dismay over the exclusion of Ray Stevenson from the In Memoriam segment, expressing their shock and discontent on social media platforms. This sentiment was echoed by viewers who felt that the absence of several other notable figures, including Jerry Springer, Ryan O’Neal, and Julian Sands, was a significant oversight that marred the tribute.

Notable Omissions

While the Emmys sought to pay homage to television stars who had passed away, the absence of certain individuals such as Ray Stevenson, Ryan O’Neal, Jerry Springer, and Julian Sands has sparked outcry. Despite their inclusion in the Emmys website’s In Memoriam section, the fact that they were not acknowledged during the television broadcast has fueled frustration among their supporters and fans.

Reactions on Social Media

Swift and impassioned reactions flooded social media platforms, with individuals expressing their disappointment and dissatisfaction with the Emmys. Many lamented the absence of Ray Stevenson and other overlooked figures, labeling it as a disservice to their contributions to the television industry. The sentiment of neglect and oversight resonated deeply within the online community, prompting a wave of criticism directed at the Emmys event.
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Acknowledgement of Achievements

Amid the controversy, it is important to note the notable accomplishments that took place at the Emmy Awards. Sir Elton John joined an exclusive group of individuals by achieving an “EGOT”, marking a significant milestone in his illustrious career. Furthermore, the support for Ted Lasso actor Hannah Waddingham, and the reconciliation between Ariana DeBose and Last of Us star Bella Ramsey, provided heartwarming moments that were celebrated by viewers.


The exclusion of Ray Stevenson and other prominent figures from the In Memoriam segment at the 2024 Emmys has ignited a wave of outrage and disappointment among fans and viewers. The controversy surrounding this omission has prompted a critical examination of the tribute and the need for greater inclusivity and recognition within such events. As the television industry continues to evolve, it is essential for awards ceremonies to uphold the legacy of all individuals who have made a lasting impact, ensuring that their contributions are duly honored and remembered.


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