One of those involved in the murder of Paraguayan prosecutor Marcelo Pecci is arrested in Caracas


22 Dec 2022 10:31 GMT

The detainee is accused of having been the driver of the jet ski where one of the hit men who killed the anti-drug official was traveling.

One of those allegedly involved in the murder In Colombia, Paraguayan anti-narcotics prosecutor Marcelo Pecci was captured in Caracas, Colombian authorities reported.

Gabriel Carlos Salinas Mendoza, a fugitive from Colombian Justice, was allegedly the driver of the jet ski that transported the hitman who murdered the prosecutor of the Paraguayan Specialized Unit to Fight Drug Trafficking.

According to the director of the Colombian National Police, Henry Sanabria, the suspect will not be subjected to an extradition process, but could be tried in Venezuela.

“In principle this person will not be brought to Colombia According to the details of the Bolivarian Constitution of Venezuela, he will be criminally prosecuted there in accordance with what is established in the same Constitution at the request of the country, which has been aggrieved or by order of the Public Ministry, that is already being done”, said the official in statements to the press.

Peci, 45 years old, he was killed with two shots on May 9 of this year. The crime was perpetrated by two men aboard a jet ski who went to the private beach of a hotel on Isla Barú, 38 kilometers south of Cartagena, where the prosecutor was on his honeymoon with his wife, Claudia. Aerie.

How did the arrest occur?

Police officers from Chacao, a municipality belonging to Greater Caracas, detained Salinas Mendoza while she was traveling by car near the Sambil Shopping Center, located in that town. Next to him was another citizen named Carlos Javier Gómez, according to Venezuelan journalist Román Camacho.

When verifying the identification of Salinas Mendoza, the uniformed officers realized that he had a blue notification issued by Interpol, while his companion was requested for homicide. Both would have been transferred to the Bolivarian National Intelligence Service (Sebin).

According to the information handled by the Colombian police, the arrested suspect would have participated in the murder of Pecci as a co-perpetrator. “He was in charge of finally transporting the person who shot prosecutor Marcelo PecciSanabria said.

For this reason, Bogotá will request that the alleged perpetrator be prosecuted for the crimes of “personal injuries leading to homicide, arms trafficking and, of course, co-authorship in an act that affected the national security of Paraguay,” said the commander of the Colombian National Police.

The US offers 5 million dollars for information on the murder of a Paraguayan prosecutor in Colombia

case status

On June 9, the former director of the Colombian National Police, Jorge Luis Vargas, said at a press conference that they were handling the information that Salinas Mendoza, the driver of the water vehicle, had left Colombia for Venezuela.

On that occasion, he reported that a blue Interpol circular had been issued to activate the search for Salinas Mendoza in other countries, and to initiate the extradition or deportation process to Colombian territory, where he has an arrest warrant.

Also in June, the Colombian Justice condemned to 23 years and six months in prison for four of the five captured for the homicide, accused of being the material authors of the crime.

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