Obama Issues Stark Election Warnings to Biden: A Must-Watch Alert

Former US President Barack Obama has expressed concerns about the flexibility of the Democrat’s campaign, warning that it may not be able to contend with the heated race, potentially paving the way for Donald Trump’s return to power in 2024. A private lunch at the White House between Obama and Biden unveiled the ex-president’s apprehensions, criticizing Biden’s approach of leaving his advisors in the White House, which might not be responsive enough to the fast-moving developments in the political landscape.

Urging Reinforcement for the Reelection Campaign

Obama urged Biden’s advisers to strengthen the reelection campaign by engaging top-level decision-makers or empowering those already in place in the headquarters. He drew parallels to the success of his 2012 reelection campaign, where his top aides took charge of the reelection operations on the ground across the country. Obama emphasized the need for the campaign to “move aggressively,” notably as Donald Trump appears to have gained traction in the 2024 Republican presidential race.

Concerns and Suggestions

Expressing his persistent worries about Donald Trump’s political strength, Obama warned about the former president’s potential as a formidable challenger. Furthermore, Obama refrained from recommending specific individuals but mentioned his senior strategist David Plouffe, who led Obama’s 2008 race, as an example of someone who could contribute to the campaign’s effectiveness.

Campaign Structure and Response Ability

Biden’s campaign manager, Julie Chavez Rodrigues, operates from the campaign’s headquarters in Wilmington. Meanwhile, the top aides, including Anita Dunn, Jen O’Malley Dillon, Mike Donilon, and Steve Ricchetti, work from the White House, implicating that crucial decisions need to be routed through the White House. This setup poses concerns about the campaign’s ability to promptly respond to swiftly evolving developments, a worry voiced by some Democrats.
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Assessment of Biden's Situation

Obama’s concerns are substantiated with Biden’s support ratings hitting a record low, with only 38% of voters approving his performance, a revelation from recent Washington Post polls. Notably, a majority of Democrats are expressing concerns about Biden’s age and his handling of specific situations, such as the Israel-Hamas war. In light of these concerns, the former senior presidential advisor, David Axelrod, suggested back in November that Biden should contemplate the option of stepping aside from the 2024 election, indicating divergent opinions within the political spectrum about the path that Biden’s reelection campaign should take.


In conclusion, Obama’s apprehensions about the current state of Biden’s campaign reflect broader concerns within the Democratic Party. As the political arena continues to evolve, the responsiveness and adaptability of Biden’s campaign structure will be pivotal in shaping the party’s future course. The 2024 elections are anticipated to be fiercely contested, and the decisions made in the coming months will significantly impact the outcome.


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