NTA Changes IIT JEE Main Exam Dates to Avoid Clash with CBSE Class 12 Exams

**NTA Reschedules IIT JEE Main Exam Dates to Avoid Clash with CBSE Class 12 Exams**

The National Testing Agency (NTA) has taken a proactive step to avoid a clash between the IIT-JEE Main session 2 and the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) Class 12 examination dates. This move comes as a relief to the students appearing for both these crucial exams as they can now focus on preparing for them without the stress of overlapping schedules.

**Timeline of Events**

CBSE had initially released the exam schedule for classes 10 and 12 board exams on December 12, 2023, which was later revised. On the other hand, NTA had announced the IIT-JEE dates in September last year. However, upon comparing the circulars, it was evident that the dates of these examinations were overlapping, creating a potential inconvenience for the students.

The first session of JEE Main 2024 is scheduled to take place between January 24 and February 1, setting the stage before the commencement of CBSE Class 12 exams, which are scheduled to begin on February 15. The Class 12 board examination is set to conclude on April 2, with the last exam being that of Informatics Practices, Computer Science, and Information Technology subjects between 10:30 am to 1:30 pm. However, the second session of JEE Main 2024 coincided with these board exams, scheduled to take place between April 1 to April 15, according to the NTA circular.

**CBSE’s Request and NTA’s Response**

Understandably, this clash raised concerns among the stakeholders. CBSE promptly requested NTA to reschedule the second session of JEE Main, urging parents to also follow up with NTA. A CBSE spokesperson emphasized the importance of coordinating with NTA to address this issue effectively.

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Subsequently, the Director General of NTA, Subodh Singh, took cognizance of the situation and announced that the second session of JEE Main would be rescheduled to be conducted after April 3. This decision rectifies the scheduling conflict and provides students with a fair opportunity to focus on their preparations without the added pressure of concurrent exams.

**Revised Exam Dates, CBSE’s Revisions, and NTA’s Initiatives**

In line with these developments, CBSE released a revised date sheet on January 4, introducing changes to the exam dates of a few subjects of Class 10 and 12. For instance, the CBSE class 12 Fashion Studies exam, originally scheduled for March 11, was postponed to March 21. Similarly, adjustments were made to the exam dates of the Class 10 Tibetan and Retail subjects, ensuring a more balanced and manageable schedule for the students.

It’s worth noting that NTA’s proactive approach in addressing the clash between IIT-JEE Main session 2 and CBSE Class 12 exams reflects a student-centric outlook. By promptly rescheduling the exam dates, NTA has alleviated the concerns of students, parents, and educational institutions, further underscoring the agency’s commitment to providing a conducive and fair examination environment.


In conclusion, the rescheduling of the IIT-JEE Main session 2 dates by NTA to avoid a clash with CBSE Class 12 exams is a testament to the seamless coordination and swift decision-making in the interest of the students. This proactive and student-centric approach ensures that the academic pursuits of the students are not hampered by scheduling conflicts, allowing them to focus on their preparations with diligence and dedication.

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The revised exam dates and the responsive measures taken by both NTA and CBSE reflect a collaborative and considerate approach, ultimately benefiting the students and upholding the integrity of these crucial examinations.


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