“Not to mention you saw Bond!” –

Roger Moore made his debut as James Bond in 1973 and went on to play the iconic role in seven films over the next twelve years. Fans will remember that as a secret agent, he always had a slight smile on his face that infuriated his enemy.

British actor Roger Moore was also unique in that he played his dialogues as James Bond in a witty and sarcastic manner. used to pay His performance as James Bond continued to increase his fan base.

In his real life, Roger Moore was also a wise man. Today is the day Roger Moore died. Accordingly, we are quoting a 1983 incident related to British actor Roger Moore, which will be of interest to his fans. See

Roger Moore was waiting for his flight at the airport in Nice when a seven-year-old boy suddenly caught his eye and was transfixed by the sight of “James Bond” with his grandfather at the airport. There were those who did not know Bond. The boy asked the grandfather that he wanted to get James Bond’s autograph, so the two went to Bond and asked for his autograph. With his characteristic smile, Roger Moore wrote his name on the child’s ticket and wished him well. The boy happily returned to his seat and when he looked at the ticket again, it was not James Bond but Roger Moore. He told his grandfather that Bond had written his name wrong. Once again went to “James Bond” and the boy pointed out the mistake. Roger Moore held the boy close to him, and looked furtively about, and then whispered, “I have written my name Roger Moore on purpose, for if I spelled the right name I might say Blofield (James Bond ‘s traditional villain) find me, so you don’t mention you’ve seen Bond!”

Hearing this, the child’s face became tearful. He realizes that he is also an associate of James Bond and has to keep his presence here a secret. Years later, the boy became a prolific writer and by chance happened to work with Roger Moore on a UNICEF project. They met at the port and when he really thought of her as James Bond. Roger Moore said he did not remember the meeting. Some time later, Roger Moore called the writer over, looked around furtively, raised his eyebrows in his characteristic manner, and whispered: “I remember the incident at Nice, when you tried to remind me of that meeting.” The cameramen were standing near us and any one of them could have been Bluefield’s accomplice, so I hushed up!”

British actor Roger Moore, who played the memorable role of James Bond, died on May 23, 2017 at the age of 89. He was residing in Switzerland at the time of his death. Roger Moore was born on October 14, 1927.

Roger Moore shot to fame playing the role of secret agent James Bond and starred in his first film in the series, Love and Let Die, at the age of 45. Film critics around the world, including Hollywood, praised his performance and famous artists of his time praised him as James Bond.

Actor Roger Moore was also known for his philanthropic activities and social work. As a brand ambassador of the United Nations organization UNICEF, he played a major role in collecting aid for needy children. He always raised his voice for the rights of children.

Roger Moore, who is popular among moviegoers around the world, had four marriages. He was first married to Don Van Styne in 1946, second to Dorothy Squires in 1953, third to Italian actress Lisa Mattoli in 1969, and to Christina Tolstrup in 2002.


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