‘Not a pretty color’: Man shows worrying symptoms on daughter’s birthday

His doctor sends him to the hospital because of the abnormal color of his skin. He died two years later to the dismay of his daughter who would have liked to recognize the symptoms earlier.

This family man”healthy and rarely ill” and his daughter suspected nothing given his worrying symptoms. At a concert, John Strutt, from North Belfast, started to feel bad. He decides to consult his general practitioner a few days later. The day of the consultation coincided with daughter Rosie’s birthday. That day, John Strutt was directly sent back to Antrim Hospital because he “didn’t have a good color“, reports The Mirror. According to Rosie and her family, John’s skin was turned yellowwhich had first let doctors think of an obstruction.

Ten days later, on December 1, 2017, he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer to John Strutt. He was then 44 years old. Rosie still can’t believe this bad news. She who has also affirmed that her father was healthy and rarely sick. Especially since she and her father had quite a different program on his birthday. “As it was my birthday, we had to go out to dinner at the restaurant Deane’s Meat Locker à Belfast. “I didn’t think my dad couldn’t come. I thought that a few days in the hospital would be enough to cure him. I never thought he could have cancer“, she said.

Her daughter learns about the warning signs, but too late

After an operation known asintervention de Whipple in 2017, John’s family discovers through a CT scan in 2019 that her cancer came back and that it is incurable. After long battles, John is pancreatic cancer death at the age of 47. Rosie almost blames herself for not recognizing the symptoms of his father’s pancreatic cancer in time. If the disease had been diagnosed earlier, things could have taken a different turn.

Jaundice is lone of the main characteristics. I was sorry for not noticing it sooner. We also thought thathe had a stomach ache because some foods were not suitable for him“, she said, before clarifying”The pain while eating is another common symptom. I am now well informed about the symptoms, but if I had known at the time, there would have been a better chance of find a solution“.

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