North 24 Parganas News: Women in border protection with modern weapons

# North 24 Parganas: BSF’s special women’s force is guarding the waterways of the Sundarbans border. It has been decided to deploy this special force to stop pirates and mangrove smuggling. On this day, his exercise continued with modern weapons.

The total border from Swarupnagar in Basirhat in North Twenty Four Parganas to Shamser Nagar in Hemnagar is about 93 km. There are 40 km of waterways in it. The remaining 53 km is barbed wire. Most of the water border areas are unprotected as well as the vast forests of the Sundarbans. Bangladeshi pirates are often heard in that area, taking advantage of the weakness of the border security, coming to the river and looting the fish and crab boats of the fishermen and escaping to Bangladesh easily using the water route.

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In addition, special forces have been appointed at the central women’s border to prevent poachers’ attacks, mangrove smuggling, natural fruits, honey smuggling in the vast forests. Only on the water border, they will patrol the India Bangladesh Bay of Bengal T junction day and night with sophisticated radar guns through floating speedboats. The border authorities have deployed 20 such special women’s forces to protect the water border. His exercise took place on this day in Sandeshkhali Bay of Bengal in the Bihari Canal that runs between India and Bangladesh. And they started monitoring from there.

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Meanwhile, the Union Home Ministry has announced the acquisition of land with border security in the state. It will be implemented very soon. Before that, it is believed that special women’s force was deployed on the water border of Sundarbans and early warning was issued.

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