North 24 Parganas News: Without eyesight, they beat each other in chess competition without seeing

#North 24 Parganas: The first chess competition for the blind was held in the district. And many sports lovers gathered to watch their chess game. The game of beating each other continued through the competition. They are not less in any part as if they showed themselves once again in this talent.

This state-level chess competition for the visually impaired was held at Guma in Ashoknagar. The championship is organized in collaboration with All India Chase Federation for the Blind and Guma Prerna Audio Library. About 80 disabled chess players participated in the competition. According to the agency, there are about 15 women among them. There are two categories of this competition. Sanskar also informed that the winning contestants will be given an opportunity to play at the national level for the state.

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It is also said that the best of the visually impaired contestants will be given the opportunity to compete at the international level. In this day’s competition, some were completely blind, some were visually impaired, but all of them beat each other in the competition. More prominent visually impaired contestants including Ganesh Kishku, who joined the championships at the international level in Sweden, and Megha Chakraborty, who joined Indonesia, participated in the day’s competition.

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Tarak Chandra, the organizer of the program, said that this is an attempt to give opportunities to visually impaired contestants and bring them up. Later, special training will be arranged for the interested blind contestants in the district. All in all, many sports lovers thronged the Nivedita Palli area of ​​Gumar to watch the day’s competition of visually impaired competitors.

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